Grad Student Spotlight: Huinan (Marcus) Li

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Huinan (Marcus) Li who recently defended his Ph.D. (2010 cohort) in Mark Harlow’s lab.  Marcus’s defense title was “Synaptic vesicles contain small ribonucleic acids (sRNAs) including transfer RNA fragments (trfRNAs) and microRNAs (miRNAs).”


Marcus was born in the Northeastern part of China, a city called Anshan in the Liaoning Province. It is a smaller city with a population similar to that of Dallas. When he was in elementary school, he already knew he wanted to be a scientist, imagining himself wearing a lab coat, gloves, and goggles; looking at a test tubes and beakers […]

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Faculty Spotlight: Mark Zoran

This month’s Faculty Spotlight highlights Mark Zoran, a Professor of Biology and an Associate Dean in the College of Science. He joined Biology in January of 1991. Mark’s research is focused on the cellular mechanisms of communication between cells of animal nervous systems. He has studied the brain cells of worms, mollusks and arthropods, and more recently, mammals. His interests include biological clocks and how they regulate brain cell signaling. Mark was raised in DePue, Illinois, a small industrial town 100 miles west of Chicago. His father was postal worker and his mother a nurse. He has four sisters. […]

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Grad Student Spotlight: Emily Rose

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Emily Rose, a Ph.D. candidate (2009 cohort) in Adam Jones’ lab.  Emily’s dissertation is focused on the environmental impacts of synthetic estrogen exposure on pipefish genetics and mating systems.

Emily was raised in Staten Island, New York City and wanted to be Jacque Cousteau when she grew up. So, when she was a kid, doing costal cleanups and scuba diving with her father was just the beginning for this future biologist. Emily obtained her bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and Biology at University of Tampa where she studied seahorse and pipefish population dynamics with […]

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