Graduate Student Spotlight: Andrew Seely

Get to know one of our newest PhDs with our spotlight on Dr. Andrew Seely (Manson Lab)!  Having recently defended his dissertation – “An Analysis of the Tsr-LsrB Interaction during Autoinducer-2 Chemotaxis in Escherichia coli” – Dr. Seely talks about his time in Dept. of Biology before heading to a faculty position at the University of Arkansas – Batesville.

I grew up in Corsicana, Texas, home of Collins Street Bakery and its famous fruitcake.  Corsicana is just south of Dallas but it is far from big city living.  While growing up I played baseball and football all the way through […]

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Graduate Student Spotlight: Angela Hawkins

Up next in our graduate student spotlight series is Angela Hawkins, a PhD candidate in the Pepper lab studying the molecular mechanisms that allow plants to succeed in harsh environments.  Angela was also one of the inaugural Newton Award winners for her commitment to science outreach!

I am from a small town in south Jersey, less than 10 miles from Philadelphia. I grew up as an only and super shy child and I was always kind of bored when I got home so my mom took me to adopt a cat because she thought […]

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Faculty Spotlight: Charles Criscione

Roundworms, flukes, and tapeworms…oh my! This month’s Faculty Spotlight shines on Dr. Charles Criscione.  Currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology, Dr. Criscione’s research investigates the ways parasite ecology influences the evolutionary mechanisms within parasite populations.

Charles Criscione is from New Orleans where he graduated as valedictorian from Brother Martin High School and was a wrestling state champion. He got a B.S. in Zoology in 1995 from Louisiana State University where he was awarded the University Medal for highest graduating GPA.  He went on to study parasitology at Southeastern Louisiana University where he got […]

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