Graduate Student Spotlight: Rahamthulla Shaik

Up next in the Graduate Student Spotlight, we highlight Dr. Rahamthulla Shaik, who recently defended his dissertation, “Chloroplast division protein ARC3: Effects on FtsZ2 assembly GTPase activity”.

I grew up in a small town near Hyderabad, India. While I was in high school, I became very interested in life sciences and my teachers encouraged me further to pursue biological sciences. I received my BS and MS degrees in Biology in India and then moved to USA for further graduate studies. I pursued MS in Biotechnology at West Virginia State University. During this program, I had an […]

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Faculty Spotlight: Mike Smotherman

This month’s Faculty Spotlight highlights Dr. Mike Smotherman.  An Associate Professor in the Department of Biology and Chair for Texas A&M’s Institute for Neuroscience (TAMIN), Dr. Smotherman uses bats to study neuroethology in animals with unique or exceptional behaviors.

Mike Smotherman received his B.S. in Biology from Occidental College in 1989. While at Occidental Mike logged over 1000 hours at sea working on the R/V Vantuna as a research technician and marine biology instructor. After graduating he worked as an environmental engineer for a year before deciding to pursue graduate studies. He earned an M.S. in […]

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Graduate Student Spotlight: Husniye Kantarci

Up next in the Graduate Student Spotlight, we are highlighting Dr. Husniye Kantarci who recently defended her dissertation, “Reverse And Forward Genetics Approaches Reveal the Gene Networks that Regulate  Development of Inner Ear Neurons.”

I grew up in Antioch; a city located in the most southern part of Turkey, almost at the shores of the Mediterranean see and very famous with its amazing cuisine. My dad owns a small business and my mom is a middle school Turkish literature teacher. Actually, my mom decided to go to college when I was in high school, so we […]

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