3rd Annual Department of Biology Kickball Game

The 3rd Annual Department of Biology Kickball game was held on September 1st, 2017 at Tanglewood Park.

The Faculty and Staff team, the “Mighty Chondria” vs the Graduate Student team, the “Chloro Blasts” faced off in the annual competition for bragging rights to the Kickball Championship.

The cookout commenced at 6pm, with Grill masters Will Bailey and Vick Valero serving up burgers and hotdogs.

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students mingled and ate before the game.

Then it was time to gather the teams, explain the game, and recognize the incoming students.

The clock rang out for 7pm, and it was time for the main event.

The faceoff. Mighty Chondria vs Chloroblasts. Fresh talent and reliable veterans of the game on both sides. Who would win, who would lose, who would land the ball in the trees? The time to find out was now.


The game was ON!

There were frustrations.

There was coaching.


There were spectators.

The game was over with the sun finally dipping below the horizon. The final score remains under dispute, but we can say for sure that the Faculty & Staff “Mighty Chondria” fought bravely and earned Second Place. The Graduate Students team “Chloro Blasts” also gave it their best shot, but came in Second to Last.

But overall, a good time was had by all.

Tune in next year for the continuation of the Department of Biology Annual Kickball Game! Fun is guaranteed, unbiased score keeping is not.

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