SPRC 2017

The Biology Department hosted the annual Student & Postdoc Research Conference, or SPRC, on September 23rd, 2017. Students and Postdoc’s had the opportunity to present their research with Posters, DataBlitzes, and 8 selected Talks for their colleagues.


The first Talks session began with the first 4 speakers, with MC Jennifer Jung.

Marko Baloh, “Determining the role of the spoVAD and spoVAE genes in DPA release during Clostridium difficile spore germination.”

Sarah Beagle, “A physiological role for the kch K+ channel in E. coli.”

Joshua Beytebiere, “BMAL1 cistrome contributes to tissue-specific circadian transcriptional programs.”

Jimmy Goncalves, “Determining the effects of fuel utilization on adult viability and neuro muscular durability and performance.”

The DataBlitz session was next, with MC Allison Wilkes. The presenters were given 90 seconds and 1 slide to pitch their poster to the audience. The speakers included:

Kathrina Castillo, PhD, Kristin Consalvo, Jie Tian, Zachary Hancock, Samantha Iiams, Jennifer Jung, Tejas Karhadkar, Shanta Karki, Aldrin Lugena, Ramesh Rijal, PhD, Yu Tang, Alexandra Trott, Xiang Wang, & Zhaolan Ding.

Poster Sessions 1 & 2 were an absolute success, with incredible posters and amazing presenters.

The second Talk session began with MC Jimmy Goncalves. Speakers included:

Matt Lee, PhD, “The timing of neuromuscular synapse elimination is correlated with the differentiation of contractile properties of target muscle fibers.”

Ritu Shrestha, “Examining the significance of amino acid(s) during Clostridioides difficile spore germination.”

Patrick Suess, “Extracellular polyphosphate regulates proliferation and development of Dictyostelium discoideum.”

Yufeng Wan, “Automatic posture and muscle activity profiling from C. elegans copulation videos.”

At the social following the conference, the awards were announced to the gathered colleagues by SPRC Committee Head Dr. Beiyan Nan and Department Head Dr. Tom McKnight.

Best Talk: Patrick Suess

Best Poster, Pre-Prelim Graduate Student: Samantha Iiams

Best Poster, Pot-Prelim Graduate Student & Postdoc: Alexandra Trott

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