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Biology Outreach at Texas A&M University

The Department of Biology Outreach Program includes many members of the Department who contribute to community STEM events. Students and Professors interact with the surrounding area K-12 students with activities designed to teach biological concepts in an interesting and inspiring way. TAMU Biology understands that a key part of being a scientist is to effectively communicate your science and its impacts on the community. Starting with students is a great way to get our future community members involved in STEM and inspired to innovate, collaborate, and help solve problems for the local areas and beyond.

Outreach Events

The Department of Biology’s outreach committee is responsible for developing and maintaining outreach projects, such as STEM events at local schools, in the Bryan-College Station area. Over the last few years, the outreach committee has created a sustainable program by meeting with schools in the area to assess need, obtaining resources for experiments, and collaborating with other departments. We have participated in over 16 STEM nights at schools in College Station and Navasota. We have also had volunteers participate at several outreach events for organizations such as, Women in Science and Engineering with the Expanding Your Horizons events as well as the Texas Junior Academy of Science, The Big Event, Chemistry Open House, The TAMU Ecological Integration Symposium, Physicsfest, BioBlitz, and judging at local science fairs.


Graduate Students, Staff, and Faculty all participate in Biology Outreach. Often we are invited to STEM nights at local schools and bring fun activities such as:

  • Microscopes with local plant life for kids to touch and see
  • Natural Selection game
  • Teaching about blood and its use with candy concoction
  • Making fossils with clay, animal, and plant imprints
  • Taking a “Cellfie”

We are also occasionally invited to planned events, such as nature trails where we use our expertise and enthusiasm to teach students about local ecosystems and why scientists might want to study them.

Overall the Outreach Program was created to inspire students (and parents) to be more involved in the sciences, and to think like a scientist to learn more about the world they live in.

If you would like to join out listserv and get involved with future events, you can sign up by emailing, and in the body, you will write SUBSCRIBE biologyoutreach firstname lastname. Or, if you would like to contact us, please email us at

outreach activities

outreach activities

outreach activities