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Careers in Biology

Biology is the study living organisms. Biologists usually specialize in a particular group of plants or animals and may study the origin, development, structure, life cycle, or physiology of one species or the ecological relationships between several species.

Why choose a Biology Degree?

Biology degrees are for students interested in natural and life sciences, and the understanding to how everything living is connected.

As the American Institute of Biological Sciences sums up, “Pursuing a career in biology can be immensely rewarding and exciting. Studying biology teaches us to ask questions, make observations, evaluate evidence, and solve problems. Biologists learn how living things work, how they interact with one another, and how they evolve. They may study the evolution, natural history, and conservation of plants and animals; investigate the interactions of living organisms with light, the environment, or each other; or have careers in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or medical research. Their work increases our understanding about the natural world in which we live and helps us address issues of personal well being and worldwide concern, such as environmental degradation, threats to human health, and maintaining viable and abundant food supplies.”

Exploring a career in Biology can have many outcomes, be sure to take a look at all of the options a Biology degree can offer!

Department of Biology Degrees

The Department of Biology offers two undergraduate degree programs in biology, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS). The BA degree in Biology, through the availability of a large number of electives, gives students maximum flexibility in earning a biology degree. The BA program is recommended for students with broad educational objectives or who intend to pursue further education in areas such as allied health professions, professional schools, or teaching certification. The BS degree in Biology is designed for students to obtain a comprehensive, solid foundation in the major branches of Biology. This degree plan is recommended for students preparing for graduate programs in biological sciences or any professional programs in health and medical sciences such as medical, dental or veterinary schools.

More information on Undergraduate Degrees in Biology can be found here.

Department of Biology also offers Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Graduate Degree Programs. These programs are for Biology graduates who require more education and experience to apply for higher-level and academic positions.

More information on Graduate Degrees in Biology can be found here (M.S.) and here (Ph.D.).

Career options in Biology

There are many avenues Biology graduates can take, some of the major jobs held by our graduates are:

Research Career Options– Molecular Biologist, Bioinformatics Data Manager, Cell Biologist, Physiologist, Ethologist, Biomedical Researcher, Research Assistant, Biochemist

Industry– Microbiologist, Bacteriologist, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Product Development, Management, Analyst, Data Coordinator

Environmental Career Options– Conservation Scientist, Environmental Consultant, Forester, Aquaculturist, Park Ranger, Wildlife Forensic Scientist

Health Careers Options (often requires additional schooling) – Medical Doctor, Dentist, Clinical Geneticist, Clinical Laboratory Technician, Epidemiologist, Medical Laboratory Technician, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Medical Technologist, Clinical Trial Coordinator, Clinical Research Coordinator, Behavioral Interview Coordinator, Data Coordinator, Cytogenetic Technologist, Clinical Cytogeneticist, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Forensic Pathologist, Medical Examiner, Molecular Genetic Technologist, Nurse Anesthetist , Wellness Coordinator, Genetic Counselor

  • Medical School Gap Year Options – Clinical Trial Behavioral Interview Coordinator, Emergency Medical Technician, Medical Assistant, Medical Records and Health Information Technician, Medical Scribe, Medical Technologist, Phlebotomist

Animal-Related Career Options– Curator, Game Warden, Veterinarian, Zookeeper, Zoologist, Wildlife Biologist

Educational Career Options– Science Educator, Public Health Program Coordinator, Cooperative Extension Agent

Medical/Pharmaceutical/ Laboratory Produce and Equipment Sales Careers Options: inside technical sales representative, outside sales representative

Non-Traditional Careers– Science Writer, Science Editor, Medical Illustrator, Marketing

Comprehensive lists of careers Biology Graduates can qualify for:

Accounting Clerk Fire Investigator Medical Assistant Sports Instructor (some prefer 4-years)
Aerobics Instructor Fire Investigators Medical Records Sports Instructor (some schools require 4-years)
Agricultural Technician (2-4 years) Firefighter (some agencies prefer 4-year) Medical Scribe Surgical Technician
Animal Breeders Fish Production Technician (most prefer 4-years) Medical Secretaries Surgical Technician/ Technologist
Animal Science Technician (most prefer 4-years) Fitness Trainer Medical Transcriptionist (some require 4-years) Surgical Technician/Technologist
Animal Scientists (most prefer 4-years) Fitness/Aerobics Instructors Medical X-Ray Technician (some require 4-years) Veterinary Technician (2-4 years)
Biological Technician (2-4 years) Fitness/Aerobics Trainer Nuclear Medicine Technician/Technologist (most prefer 4-years) Water/Wastewater Plant Operator (most prefer 4-years)
Biological Technician (most prefer 4-years) Floral Designer/Florist Nurses Aide (usually requires a certification)
Biomedical Equipment Technician Food Preparer/Processor Nursing Assistant
Cardiovascular Technician Food Science Technician (most prefer 4-years) Occupational  Therapy Assistant
Cardiovascular Technologist (most prefer 4-years) Food Science Technician/Technologist (2-4 years) Occupational Safety Professional (most prefer 4-years)
Certified Laboratory Technican Geological Data Technician (most prefer 4-years) Occupational Therapy Assistant
Chemical Technician Health Information Technician Optical Lab Technician
Chemical Technician (most prefer 4-years) Insect Quarantine Inspector Optician, Dispensing
Clinical Laboratory Technician (2-4 years) Jeweler Paramedic Patient Advocate
Clinical Laboratory Technician (most prefer 4-years) Landscaper/Nursery Manager (most prefer 4-years) Pharmacy Technician
Cosmetologist Laser/Electro-optics Technician Phlebotomist
Data Entry (some require 4-years) Licensed Practical Nurse Phlebotomy Lab Technician (some require 4-years)
Dental Assistant Line Supervisor, Agricultural Crop Workers Physical Therapy Assistant
Dental Assistant Line Supervisor, Animal Care Workers Radiation Therapists (some states/hospitals require 4-years)
Dental Hygienist Line Supervisor, Animal Husbandry Workers Radiation Therapy Technician (most prefer 4-years)
Dental Laboratory Technician Line Supervisor, Fishery Workers Radiographer
Dietetic Technician Line Supervisor, Horticultural Workers Radiology Technician
Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist Line Supervisor, Logging Workers Registered Nurse (most states/hospitals require 4-years)
Embalmer Logger/Forest Worker Registered Nurse (some states/hospitals require 4-years)
Emergency Medical Technician (prefer 4+ years) Massage Therapist Research Technician
Environmental Science Technician (2-4 years) Massage Therapists (some states require 4-years) Respiratory Therapist (most prefer 4-years)
Factory Worker Mathematical Technician (most prefer 4-years) Respiratory Therapist (some states/hospitals require 4-years)
Farm Manager (most prefer 4-years) Mathematical Technician (some require 4-years) Respiratory Therapy Technician
Accountant Entomology Technician Massage Therapists Prosthetist/Orthotist
Actuary Environmental Consultant Materials Scientist/Engineer (industry) Prosthetist/Orthotist (most require Masters or higher)
Agricultural Engineer (industry) Environmental Engineer Mathematical Technician Public Health Specialist
Agricultural Technician Environmental Health Specialist (industry) Mathematician (industry) Public Relations Aide
Animal Breeder Technician Environmental Impact Analyst Meat and Poultry Food Inspector Quality Assurance Inspector
Animal Husbandry Technician Environmental Science Technician Medical Device Specialist Quality Control/Quality Assurance Technician
Animal Science Technician Environmentalist Medical Records Administrator Radiation Therapist
Animal Scientist (industry) Ergonomic Consultant Medical Social Worker Radiation Therapist (most require Masters or higher)
Animal Scientists (industry) Extension Agent (Farm Advisor) Medical Technician Radiation Therapy Technician
Aquaculture Technician Family & Consumer Scientist (industry) Medical Technologist Midwife (some states/hospitals require 5+ years) Radiological Technologist
Arborculturalist Farm Manager Medical Transcriptionist Rancher
Artist (Scientific Art) Field Biology Technician Medical Writer Range Manager
Assistant U.S. Forest Ranger Field Ecology Technician Medical X-Ray Technician Ranger Manager
Athletic Trainer Firefighter Medical X-Ray Technologist Registered Nurse
Biochemist/Molecular Biologist (industry) Fish Culturist Meteorologist (industry) Research Assistant
Biological Engineer Fish Production Technician Microbiologist (industry) Research Associate
Biological Engineer Technician Florist Midwife (some states/hospitals require 5+ years) Research Laboratory Technician
Biological Illustrator/Textbook Illustrator Food and Drug Inspector Mortician Respiratory Therapist
Biological Photographer Food Science Technician Museum Educational Staff Member Sale Engineer
Biological Quality Assurance Manager Food Science Technician/Technologist Museum Exhibit Designer (building/maintenance) Sales Representative-Agricultural Chemicals
Biological Technician Food Scientist (industry) Museum Technician Sales Representative-Chemical
Biomedical Engineer Food Systems Security Specialist Nanotechnologist Sales Representative-Medical Products
Biotechnologist Forensic Examiner Technician Narcotics Investigator Sales Representative-Pharmaceutical
Cardiovascular Technician Forensic Lab Technician Nuclear Medicine Technician/Technologist Sales Representative-Scientific Equipment
Cardiovascular Technologist Forensic Pathologist Nuclear Medicine Technologist Science Journalist
Cartographer Forensic Science Technician Nurse Anesthetist Science Library Aide
Cell Culture Operator Forensic Scientist (industry) Nurse Anesthetist (most require Masters) Science Reporter
Chemical Engineer (industry) Forest Pathologist Nurse Practitioner Scientific/Biological Photographer
Chemical Technician Forest Products Technologist Nurse Practitioner (most require Masters) Sewage Plant Operator
Chemist (industry) Forester Nursery & Greenhouse Manager Soil Conservationist (industry)
Child Life Specialist Forester (industry) Nursery Technician Soil Scientist (industry)
Climatologist Forestry Technician Nursing Home Administrator Soil Scientists (industry)
Clinical Cytogeneticist Fossil Fuel Extractor Nutritionist Sports Instructor
Clinical Laboratory Scientist Funeral Director Occupational Health & Safety Specialist Statistician (industry)
Clinical Laboratory Technician Game Manager Occupational Safety Professional Surgical Technologist
Clinical Trial Associate Geographer (industry) Occupational Safety Professional Surveyor
Commercial Fisherman Geographical Information Systems Technician Occupational Therapist Taxidermist
Communication Media Specialist Geological Data Technician Occupational Therapist (most require Masters) Teacher, Mathematics (K-12)
Computer Modeling Assistant Geologist (industry) Oceanographer Teacher, Physical Education (K-12)
Conservation Warden GIS Technician Oceanographer (industry) Teacher, Science (K-12)
Consultant Greenhouse Technician Optician Technical Writer
Cook Health Educator (industry) Organic Farmer Tree Farmer
Counter-Terrorism Technician Health Information Administrator Ornithologist Tree Surgeon
Crime Lab Technician Health Information Administrator (4+ years) Park Naturalist Turf Producer
Customer Service Representative Histology Technician Park Naturalist (tours) Underwriter
Cytopathologist Home Economist Park Technician Underwriter (independent/consultant)
Cytotechnologist Horticulturist Peace Corp Representative University Research Assistant
Dairy Manager Human Resources Staff Pediatric Nurse Veterinary Hospital Assistant
Dance Teacher Ichthyologist Perfusionist Veterinary Technician
Dance Teacher/Therapist Industrial Hygiene Technician Pest Control Inspector Virologist
Data Entry Industrial Hygienist Pest Control Specialist Vocational Education Teachers (postsecondary)
Data Processor Industrial Hygienist Pet Shop Owner Waste Disposal Engineer
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Industrial Process Technician Petroleum Engineer Water Quality Controller
Dietician Industrial Waste Specialist Phlebotomy Lab Technician Water Quality Technician
Dietitian (independent/consultant, some require Masters) Inside Sales Technical Representative Physical Therapist Water/Wastewater Plant Operator
Dietitian (some require Masters) Landscape Architect Physical Therapist (most require Masters or higher) Wellness Coordinator
Ecological Consultant (some require Masters or PhD) Mammologist Physician Assistant (most require Masters) Wildlife Biologist (industry)
Editorial Assistant Management Specialist Physicist (industry) Wildlife Conservation and Management Specialist
Electrochemist Manager Plant Quarantine Inspector Wildlife Technician
Electron Microscope Technician Marine Biology Technician Plant Scientist (industry) Zoo Assistant
Emergency Medical Technician (4+ years) Marine Engineer (industry) Poultry Scientist Zoologist
Emergency Medical Technician (most require Masters) Marine Life Technician Prosthesis-Maker
Accountant Emergency Medical Technician (senior positions) Medical Scientist (may require PhD and MD) Plant Breeder
Agricultural Economist Endocrinologist Meteorologist Plant Geneticist
Agricultural Engineer (academia) Entomologist Microbiologist Plant Physiologist
Agronomist Environmental Consultant Microbiologist Museum Curator Plant Propagator
Allergist Environmental Engineer (academia) Midwife Plant Quarantine Specialist
Analyst Environmental Health Specialist (academia) Museum Curator Plant Scientist
Anatomist Environmental Lawyer Museum Director Podiatrist
Anesthesiologist Environmental Physiologist Museum Exhibit Designer (design/curator) Policy Analyst
Animal Behaviorist Environmental Planner Mushroom Farm Manager Population Geneticist
Animal Nutritionist Environmental Scientist (academia) Music Therapist Professor/Instructor/Lecturer (college)
Animal Pathologist Epidemiologist Mycologist Professor/Researcher (academia)
Animal Physiologist Ethologist National or State Park Ranger Prosthodontist
Animal Scientist (academia) Family & Consumer Scientist (academia) Natural Resource Manager Protozoologist
Anthropologist Family Practitioner Natural Resources Manager Public Health Programs Officer
Apiarist Farm Manager Natural Sciences Manager Public Health Veterinarian
Aquaculturalist Fish Culturalist Natural Sciences Research Curator Radiobiologist
Aquarium Director Fisheries Scientist Naturalist Radiologist
Aquatic Biologist Flavor Chemist Nature Center Director Range Manager
Aquatic Ecologist Food Scientist Nematologist Registered Dietitian
Archeologist Food Scientist (academia) Neurologist Research Associate
Art Therapist Forensic Palynologist Nuclear Physician Research Scientist
Astronomer Forensic Pathologist Nurse Anesthetist Resource Policy Analyst
Audiologist Forensic Scientist Nurse Practitioner Respiratory Therapist
Avian Pathologist Forensic Toxicologist Nursery Owner School Psychologist
Bacteriologist Forest Economist Nursing Instructor Science Librarian
Bioanalyst Forest Manager Obstetrician/Gynecologist Senior Medical Writer
Biochemist/Molecular Biologist (academia) Forester Occupational Safety Professional Senior Science Journalist
Biogeochemist Genetic Counselor Occupational Safety Professional Social Ecologist
Biological or Medical Illustrator Geneticist Occupational Therapist Sociobiologist
Biologist Geographer Oceanographer Soil Conservationist
Biometrician Geographer (academia) Oncologist Soil Conservationist
Biophysicist Geologist Operations Research Analyst Soil Scientist
Biostatician Geologist (academia) Ophthalmologist Speech Therapist
Biostatigrapher Government Manager Optometrist Statistician
Botanist Graduate Research Assistant (while in school) Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeon Statistician (academia)
Brewmaster Graduate Teaching Assistant (while in school) Ornithologist Taxonomist
Cell Biologist Health Educator (academia) Orthodonist Teacher, Mathematics (high school)
Cell Physiologist Health Educators (academia) Orthodontist Teacher, Mathematics (some high schools)
Center of Disease Control Specialist Health Information Administrator Osteopathic Physician Teacher, Science (high school)
Chef Health Policy Specialist Paleoecologist Teacher, Science (some high schools)
Chemical Director Herpetologist Paleontologist Toxicologist
Chemical Engineer (academia) Higher Education Administrator Paleooceanographer Veterinarian
Chemist (academia) Higher Education Teacher/Professor Parasitologist Viticulturalist
Chemotaxonomist Histologist Park and Golf Course Superintendent Watershed Manager
Chiropractor Hospital/Managed Care Administrator Park Manager Weed Scientist
Community & Public Health Coordinator Human Pathologist Patent Specialist Wildlife Biologist
Cooperative Extension Educator Human Resources Manager Pathologist Wildlife Ecologist
Crop Physiologist Hydrogeologist Pediatrician Wood Technologist
Dance Therapist Immunologist Pet Psychiatrist Zoo Director
Dentist Industrial Hygienist Pharmacist Zoologist
Developmental Biologist Industrial Process Manager Pharmacologist
Dietitian Laboratory Manager Phycologist
Dietitian (independent/consultant) Land Use Planning Manager Physical Therapist
Ecological Modeler Limnologist/Senior Marine Biologist Physician
Ecologist Mariculturalist Physician Assistant
Economic Botanist Materials Scientist Physicist
Economist Mathematician Physicist
Editor Medical & Health Service Manager Physiologist
Embryologist Medical Entomologist Phytopathologist
Emergency Medical Technician Medical Records Librarian Plant Biochemist
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Resources for Career Options

Checkout the BIOL 302 Course to learn more about Careers in Biology:

BIOL 302 Careers in Biology

Credit 1. 1 Lecture Hour.

Development of job search skills; utilization of career resources; self-assessment of career interests and career objectives; strategies for professional correspondence and networking; business etiquette and interviewing techniques; insight into life science career opportunities.
Prerequisites: Junior or senior classification; department of biology majors only; or approval of instructor.

Be sure to go to HireAggies through the career center. They have a comprehensive search engine for finding work past graduation tailored to your major.

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