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Ty Hendrick
Department of Biology
University of North Carolina


Title: Biomechanics of animal flight in the field

Abstract: Although animal flight biomechanics have been studied for many years, the bulk of this work comes from laboratory tests in flight chambers or wind tunnels and is thus unable to place biomechanical measurements in a behaviorally or ecologically relevant context or examine certain types of flight such as high speed maneuvering. Dr. Hedrick’s group has pioneered use of high-speed, three-dimensional videography in the field to record the flight trajectories of wild, freely-behaving animals. His talk will examine field flight performance and its underlying components for swallows engaged in intra-specific chases and prey capture and the biomechanics and group behavior in a migratory roosting flock of 1,700 Chimney Swifts.

Host: Amanda Adams