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Biological Clocks

Deb Bell-PedersenDeb Bell-Pedersen
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Molecular genetics and genomics of circadian clocks and signaling pathways in fungi

David-EarnestDavid Earnest

Neurobiology of mammalian circadian rhythms and their regulation by light-dark signals

Paul HardinPaul Hardin
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Molecular biology of biological clocks in Drosophila; behavioral neurogenetics; transcriptional regulation.

Jerome MenetJerome Menet
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Molecular mechanism of the circadian clock in mice

MerlinChristine Merlin
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Molecular genetics and genomics of monarch butterfly circadian clocks and long-distance migration

terrythomasTerry Thomas

Plant molecular biology; developmental and environmental control of plant gene expression; functional genomics of diverse species

Mark ZoranMark Zoran

Developmental neurobiology; molecular determinants of synapse formation; neural regeneration; biological clock control of neural signaling