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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Joe BernardoJoseph Bernardo

Cryptic speciation; evolution of reproductive isolation; body size evolution; species packing and community assembly; range determinants; comparative physiological ecology; integrative evolutionary ecology

Heath Blackmon
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Evolutionary genetics and genomics using both theoretical and empirical approaches.  Empirical methods used include bioinformatics, phylogenetics, quantitative genetics.

Charles CriscioneCharles Criscione
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Ecology, evolution, and genetics of parasites

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Kira Delmore
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Adaptation and speciation using hybrid zones and variation within single species. Phenotypic and genetic basis of adaptation and speciation, aided by recent advances in several fields.

Ira GreenbaumIra Greenbaum

Animal cytogenetics and evolution

Steve LocklessSteve Lockless
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Information flow through biological systems; substrate recognition and signal integration

Duncan MackenzieDuncan MacKenzie

Comparative endocrinology of reproduction and thyroid function in fish, amphibians, and reptiles

Alan PepperAlan Pepper

Environmental regulation of development in Arabidopsis thaliana

Gil RosenthalGil Rosenthal
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Evolution and ecology of animal communication; mate choice and evolutionary genetics in Mexican freshwater fishes; visual ecology and evolution of neotropical reef fishes

Manfred Schartl
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Pigment cell biology and genetics; molecular biology of melanoma; oncogenic function of receptor tyrosine kinases; evolution and molecular biology of sex determination; gene and genome evolution

Deborah SiegeleDeborah Siegele

Stress survival by the bacterium E. coli, development of an ontology of microbial phenotypes

Michael SmothermanMichael Smotherman
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Neurobiology of animal communication: sensory-motor integration

Mary Wicksten

Mary Wicksten
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Adaptive coloration of marine invertebrates; distribution, behavior, and classification of eastern Pacific Decapoda Crustacea

Hugh WilsonHugh Wilson
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Faculty Emeritus in Biology