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Neurobiology & Behavior

profile photo of kira delmoreKira Delmore
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Adaptation and speciation using hybrid zones and variation within single species. Phenotypic and genetic basis of adaptation and speciation, aided by recent advances in several fields.

Jennifer Dulin

Neural stem cell transplantation and circuit mapping approaches to restore motor, sensory, and autonomic function following spinal cord injury

David-EarnestDavid Earnest

Neurobiology of mammalian circadian rhythms and their regulation by light-dark signals

Rene GarciaL. Rene Garcia
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Genetics of behavior and development in C. elegans

Paul HardinPaul Hardin
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Molecular biology of biological clocks in Drosophila; behavioral neurogenetics; transcriptional regulation.


Steve LocklessSteve Lockless
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Information flow through biological systems; substrate recognition and signal integration

U. J. McMahanUJ McMahan
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Factors that regulate synapse function and development of synapses in the animal nervous system, as revealed by high-resolution imaging, chemical characterization, and experimental manipulation of synapses

Jerome MenetJerome Menet
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Molecular mechanism of the circadian clock in mice

MerlinChristine Merlin
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Molecular genetics and genomics of monarch butterfly circadian clocks and long-distance migration

Bruce RileyBruce Riley
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Genetic regulation of zebra fish development

Gil RosenthalGil Rosenthal
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Evolution and ecology of animal communication; mate choice and evolutionary genetics in Mexican freshwater fishes; visual ecology and evolution of neotropical reef fishes

Michael SmothermanMichael Smotherman
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Neurobiology of animal communication: sensory-motor integration

Mark ZoranMark Zoran

Developmental neurobiology; molecular determinants of synapse formation; neural regeneration; biological clock control of neural signaling