Gil and Chris

Graduate Student, Chris Holland, and Professor, Gil Rosenthal discuss husbandry in their swordtail colony. Photo courtesy of TAMU College of Science.

Basic biological research has evolved into a broad, fast-paced and dynamic profession that drives newly emerging industries and actively shapes many human endeavors. Both globally and locally, cutting-edge research at Texas A&M University strives to improve the ways people everywhere manage their health and the health of their planet. You can participate in the biological revolution by joining our graduate program at Texas A&M University. We invite you to learn about us and consider graduate study in the Department of Biology at Texas A&M University as your gateway to the future.

Research and training at the forefront of biology

Our Graduate Program in Biology offers a diverse range of integrative training opportunities for students seeking a Ph.D. degree in cutting-edge biological research. Basic biological research continues to lead the way for the other life sciences, and advances in medicine and agriculture are based on key discoveries generated by basic research.  The Biology Department offers Ph.D. degrees in both Biology and Microbiology.

The Biology department offers Ph.D. training with faculty who explore a diverse suite of disciplines in the biological sciences, including cell, molecular, and developmental biology, ecology and evolutionary biology, microbiology, biological clocks, genetics and genomics, neuroscience and behavior, plant biology, and physiology and systems biology. Many faculty research programs span multiple research areas and levels of biological organization, creating a dynamic training environment for graduate students. Evolutionary theory sets the stage for many cross-disciplinary programs and research collaborations among our diverse faculty. All students entering the program receive rigorous academic training and carry out their research in competitive, state-of-the-art research labs.