Below are the questions most commonly asked by students who visit the Department of Biology’s Undergraduate Advising Office. The questions fall into six categories (shown below). Some items are subject to change so the Undergraduate Advising Office personnel (845-3116) should be consulted on occasion.

Degree Requirements
Core Curriculum


A1. What math courses are required for my degree?
A2. Do I have to take a language since I took two years of language in high school?
A3. What can I take as biology (or molecular cell or microbiology or zoology) electives?
A4. What can I use as general electives?
A5. How do I satisfy a minor?
A6. How many hours can I transfer from another school?
A7. What courses can I transfer from another school?
A8. What is a BIOL 491?
A9. How do I choose a 491 topic?
A10. How many hours of 491 can I use?
A11. How do I register for a 491?


C1. If I make a “D” in a course, do I have to take it over?
C2. I made a “D” in a course, if I take it over is the “D” taken off my record?
C3. Am I on probation?
C4. What if I don’t make my probation requirements?
C5. How do I appeal a grade?
C6. Do grades count for transfer courses?
C7. How do I withdraw from the university?
C8. How do I drop a course?
C9. Can I drop a particular course after Q-drop is over?
C10. How can I get an incomplete in a course?


D1. How do I change majors?
D2. How do I get forced into a class?
D3. What should I take next semester?
D4. What catalog should I follow?
D5. Can I take a course pass/fail (S/U)?
D6. Can an undergraduate take a graduate course?
D7. What day do I register?
D8. I don’t know my classification?
D9. I missed my registration day, what can I do?
D10. I forgot to pay my fees and my schedule was dropped, what can I do?
D11. Why would the registrar add penalties to my fees?
D12. I’m blocked, how do I clear the block?
D13. How many times can I take the same KINE 199?


E1. How do I apply for graduation?
E2. What is the best major to get into medical or dental school?
E3. How do I apply to dental/medical school?
E4. Where do I get MCAT/DAT information and when should I take it?
E5. What can I do with a biology degree?
E6. How do I apply to graduate school?
E7. Where can I get G.R.E. information?


F1. I don’t want to stay in biology, but don’t know what degree program I should enter. What should I do?
F2. How do I find out who my advisor is?
F3. What student biological societies are available?
F4. What departmental scholarships are available?
F5. What do I do if I have a disagreement with a professor?
F6. Is there a course I can substitute for ENGL 301?