Graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and faculty review posters during the 2015 Student/Post-doc Research Conference Poster Session (photo courtesy of: Dr. Cheng Wu)

Graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and faculty review posters during the 2015 SPRC Poster Session
(photo courtesy of: Dr. Cheng Wu)

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The 7th Annual Department of Biology Student/Postdoc Research Conference

September 17th, 2016
Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building auditorium and lobby
Time 12:30-6pm

SPRC Abstracts

12:30 Welcome & Introduction
Steve Lockless


12:35 Talks – Session 1
Session Chair: Angela Hawkins
Alexandra Trott Regulation of the Mammalian Circadian Clock Transcriptional Output by CLOCK:BMAL1
Swayoma Banerjee Live cell imaging of phosphate distribution profiles in Arabidopsis
Xinping Xu Interactions between melanin enzymes and their atypical recruitment to the secretory pathway
Yufeng Wan Enzymes involved in glucose metabolism bridge metabolic regulation and neuromuscular function


2:00 Data Blitz      ** No Animation or Videos **
Session Chair: Angela Hawkins
Amanda Adams
Joshua Beytebiere
Tejas Karhadkar
Oneida Ibarra
Xue Jiang
Teresa Lamb
Lunda Shen
Yu Tang
Wang Xiang
Jian Zhou


2:30 Poster Session
Odd Numbered Posters


3:30 Poster Session
Even Numbered Posters


4:30 Talks – Session 2
Session Chair: Scarlett Liu
Sabyasachi Mandal Genetic analysis of glucolipid biosynthesis in Solanum pennellii, a novel biofuel feedstock
Yunzi Gou Characterizing the roles of Sox2 and Sox3 in sensory/neural patterning during zebrafish inner ear development
Ian Smith Postsynaptic participation in synapse elimination at the developing neuromuscular junction
Patrick Suess Extracellular polyphosphate inhibits proliferation in an autocrine negative feedback loop in Dictyostelium discoideum


6:00 Social at Off Campus Location