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  • Graduate Reception and Award Ceromony photo with group of students

Biology Graduation Reception & Awards

The 2019 Biology Graduation Reception and Awards Ceremony was held on May 9th, to honor our 2019 Graduates, Staff, and Graduate Students receiving awards for their excellence. Congratulations to our awardees and Graduates this [...]

  • photo of josh outdoors

Graduate Student Spotlight: Joshua Beytebiere

Graduate Student Spotlight, Joshua Beytebiere This month's Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Joshua Beytebiere. A Ph.D. Candidate in the Menet lab, Joshua studies rhythmic gene expression in the circadian clock using a mouse model. [...]

Upcoming Events

  1. Seminar: Jerome Menet
    August 27th, 2019 @ BSBE 115, 4:00 pm
  2. Seminar: Joseph Sorg
    September 3rd, 2019 @ BSBE 115, 4:00 pm
  3. Seminar: Dan Wall
    September 10th, 2019 @ BSBE 115, 4:00 pm

Recent Publications

Baba, K. and M. Wicksten. 2019. Chirostyloidean squat lobsters (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura) from the Galapagos Islands. Zootaxa 4564: 391-421.

MarTurtSI, a global database of stable isotope analyses of marine turtles. Christine Figgener, Joseph Bernardo & Pamela T. Plotkin. Scientific Datavolume 6, Article number: 16 (2019)

Schield, D.R., D.C. Card, N.R. Hales, B.W. Perry, G.I.M. Pasquesi, H. Blackmon, R.H. Adams, A.B. Corbin, C.F. Smith, B. Ramesh, J.P. Demuth, E. Betrán, M. Tollis, J.M. Meik, S.P. Mackessy, and T.A. Castoe. The origins and evolution of chromosomes, dosage compensation, and mechanisms underlying venom regulation in snakes. Genome Research, 21 March 2019 in press. doi:10.1101/gr.240952.118

Armstrong, A., N. Anderson, H. Blackmon. Inferring the potentially complex genetic architectures of adaptation, sexual dimorphism, and genotype by environment interactions by partitioning of mean phenotypes. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 30 January 2019 in press.

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Passow, C., A.M. Bronikowski, H. Blackmon, S. Parsai, T.S. Schwartz, S.E. McGaugh, Contrasting patterns of rapid molecular evolution within the p53 network across mammal and sauropsid lineages. Genome Biology and Evolution, 2019 11:3 629-643.

Tissue-specific BMAL1 cistromes reveal that rhythmic transcription is associated with rhythmic enhancer–enhancer interactions. Joshua R. Beytebiere, Alexandra J. Trott, Ben J. Greenwell, Collin A. Osborne, Helene Vitet, Jessica Spence, Seung-Hee Yoo, Zheng Chen, Joseph S. Takahashi, Noushin Ghaffari, and Jerome S. Menet. Genes Dev. March 1, 2019 33: 294-309; Published in Advance February 25, 2019, doi:10.1101/gad.322198.118

The genetics and epigenetics of animal migration and orientation: birds, butterflies and beyond. Christine Merlin, Miriam Liedvogel. Journal of Experimental Biology 2019 222: jeb191890 doi: 10.1242/jeb.191890. Published 6 February 2019.

A Novel Actin Binding Drug with In Vivo Efficacy. Akshaya Ravichandran, Mengxin Geng, Kenneth G. Hull, Jing Li, Daniel Romo, Shi-En Lu, Aaron Albee, Christopher Nutter, Donna M. Gordon, Mahmoud A. Ghannoum, Steve W. Lockless, Leif Smith. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy Dec 2018, 63 (1) e01585-18; DOI: 10.1128/AAC.01585-18