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Graduate Student Spotlight: Wangming Ji

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Wangming Ji.  A Ph.D. Candidate in the McKnight Lab, Wangming works on glucolipids produced by wild tomato plants. Read more to learn about his background, his advice for graduate school, and even his taste in music!

I was born in Fushun, a small city once famous for its coal industry located in the north eastern part of China. I got interested in biology when my father sent me a book entitled “Why We Get Sick” as a 12th birthday present. After I went into high school, I performed well […]

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In Memoriam Hugh Wilson

A member of the TAMU Department of Biology for over 40 years, Dr. Hugh Wilson is remembered for his work on systematic botany centered in vascular plants floristics and crop plant evolution. 

Dr. Wilson was a Sergeant in the United States Air force from 1964-68 with the Air Force Medal of Commendation for Meritorious Service in Vietnam. Dr. Wilson then joined TAMU Biology in 1977, and during this time he was given the Edmund H. Fulling Award from the Society for Economic Botany, 1981, and was a Fellow for the American Association for […]

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TAMU Biology Introduces New National Academies Education Fellows

The Department of Biology is proud to introduce two new National Academies Education Fellows on their faculty. Drs. Andy Tag and Asha Rao recently earned this distinction based on their participation in the 2018 Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching, which is co-sponsored by the National Academies and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. This program is designed to empower instructors to transform their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses by teaching instructors how to best educate and engage their students using effective, inclusive teaching practices backed by evidence-based techniques.

     Dr. Asha Rao            […]

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Graduate Student Spotlight: Gaston Jofre

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Gaston Jofre. A Ph.D. Candidate in the Rosenthal Lab, Gaston uses swordtail fish to detect selection in natural hybrid populations.

Being originally from the biggest city of Mexico, I received in the summer of 2012 my B.S. degree in Biology, in the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Working with Dr. Guillermina Alcaraz, the main focus of my undergraduate thesis was the study of behavior, specifically aggression, between two types of males from a marine hermit crab species.

The fall of 2012 I joined the Rosenthal Lab interested […]

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SPRC 2018

Student & PostDoc Research Conference 2018

The 2018 Student PostDoc Research Conference was an absolute success this year, as we saw amazing talks, datablitzes, and poster sessions. The reception followed at Dr. Sach’s home where the awards were presented. Donations for the awards were generously sponsored by TAMU College of Science.

Talk Session 1

Participants in Talk Session 1 did a great job communicating their science and competing for the coveted Best Talk Award.

Sachi Mandal

Tejas Karhadkar

Jie Tian


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Undergraduate Spotlight: Ashley Hayden

This Undergraduate Spotlight features Ashley Hayden, Class of ’19, a Biology Honor’s Undergraduate Researcher in the Merlin Lab. Ashley is a biology major set to graduate in May of 2019, and has double minors in bioinformatics and psychology. She works in the Merlin lab on an independent project with genetic mutant knockout Monarch Butterflies. Ashley was recently selected to receive a coveted scholarship from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, one of only nine students from the College of Science since the inception of the award in 1986. Learn more about the awardship here. […]

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Graduate Student Spotlight: Michael Werry

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight features Michael Werry. A member of the Matt Sachs Lab here at TAMU Biology, Michael studies the transcriptional regulation of light-responsive transcription factors in Neurospora crassa.

I am originally from Canton, Ohio and went to Plain Local Schools for high school. I always had an interest in the biological sciences, and so went to Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio for my undergraduate degree in biology. While a senior there, I was given the opportunity to do some research with one of our senior professors. The project I helped with was […]

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TAMU Biology implements Open-Source textbooks

Switch to OpenStax

TAMU Biology and TAMU Libraries have teamed up to give some much needed relief for introductory biology students needing to buy textbooks. By working with OpenStax, open-sourced material is now being used for introductory texts, saving our students $600,000 a year in textbook costs.

Tuesday, May 29th marked the first class to use this free textbook source, and today Bruce Neville (Instructional Associate Professor and Science & Engineering Librarian) presented TAMU Biology Associate Professor James Erickson with an honorary certificate to mark the occasion during the first lecture of the course.


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Graduate Student Spotlight: Hina Iftikhar

This Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Hina Iftikhar, a graduate student and Ph.D. candidate in Ginger Carney‘s lab. Hina works on Drosophila behavioral genetics with miRNA knockout mutants, and enjoys mentoring undergraduates in the laboratory and participating in several clubs including BioGSA, A-STEP, and the Pakistani Student’s Association.

I was born in Lahore, a city located in the north-eastern part of Pakistan. Growing up, I was lucky to have been taught by some very enthusiastic science teachers that got me interested in biology. When I was in high school I got selected for a space settlement design competition […]

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Graduate Student Spotlight: Yunzi Gou

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Yunzi Gou. Yunzi is a graduate student in the Riley Lab, studying the development of neurons of the stato-acoustic ganglion (SAG) in zebrafish.

I was born in Xi’an, a city famous for its rich culture and history, located in central China. My family later moved to Beijing, the capital of China, when I was in elementary school. I loved animals growing up and I had many different pets even though we were living in a big city. My interest in biology was rooted in my deep respect for my […]

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