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Graduate Student Spotlight: Yunzi Gou

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Yunzi Gou. Yunzi is a graduate student in the Riley Lab, studying the development of neurons of the stato-acoustic ganglion (SAG) in zebrafish.

I was born in Xi’an, a city famous for its rich culture and history, located in central China. My family later moved to Beijing, the capital of China, when I was in elementary school. I loved animals growing up and I had many different pets even though we were living in a big city. My interest in biology was rooted in my deep respect for my […]

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TAMU Biology implements Open-Source textbooks

Switch to OpenStax

TAMU Biology and TAMU Libraries have teamed up to give some much needed relief for introductory biology students needing to buy textbooks. By working with OpenStax, open-sourced material is now being used for introductory texts, saving our students $600,000 a year in textbook costs.

Tuesday, May 29th marked the first class to use this free textbook source, and today Bruce Neville (Instructional Associate Professor and Science & Engineering Librarian) presented TAMU Biology Associate Professor James Erickson with an honorary certificate to mark the occasion during the first lecture of the course.


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Biology Graduation Reception 2018

Graduation Reception & State of the Department Address

Thursday, May 10th was the 2018 Department of Biology Graduation Reception and State of the Department Address.

TAMU Biology had a total of 139 Graduates of a Bachelor’s Degree, 2 of a Master’s Degree, and 2 of a Ph.D. Congratulations everyone!

At the Reception there were many recognitions for the students, faculty, and staff of the department.

The Graduates

Students graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology

Students graduating with a 4.0 GPA –Spencer Barrett, Alexandra De Jong, Diego Regaldo

Students graduating with […]

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Graduate Student Spotlight: Sabyasachi Mandal

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight is Sabyasachi Mandal, a Graduate Student in Dr. Tom McKnight‘s laboratory on TAMU’s campus. Sachi is a motivated botanist, looking at transcriptomics of acylsugar biosynthetic pathways in wild tomato plants. Read on to learn more about Sachi and his advice and experience here in the Biology Department.

I am from a town called Sagardighi in the state of West Bengal, which is in the eastern part of India. Sagardighi is a very small town with a lot of big-hearted people. I was raised by my parents with love, care, and […]

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Graduate Student Spotlight: Patrick Suess

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Patrick Suess. A student in the Gomer Lab, Patrick studies the signalling function of inorganic polyphosphate in the eukaryote Dictyostelium and in human immune cells.

I was born in and grew up in Houston. During freshman year of high school, I really raised eyebrows with some outstanding play for the JV soccer team, however the success bred arrogance, and ultimately led to an underwhelming varsity career.  I did my undergrad in Austin at St. Edward’s University where I graduated with a BS in biology. From there I went on […]

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Faculty Spotlight: Jennifer Dulin

This month’s Faculty Spotlight highlights Dr. Jennifer Dulin ’05.  A former Aggie (Biochemistry) and current Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology, Dr. Dulin studies the pathophysiology of spinal cord injuries and potential new therapies to improve the quality of life in people with these types of injuries.

Jennifer Dulin received her B.S. in. Biochemistry from Texas A&M University in 2005. She then entered the field of Neuroscience and joined the lab of Dr. Raymond Grill at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston for her Ph.D. studies. While in the Grill lab, […]

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Fall Marine Biology Study Trip

The Department of Biology holds a Marine Biology course each Fall (BIOL 440), where student get hands-on experience studying marine organisms in the field studying with their Professor, Dr. Mary Wicksten. The year’s crew of students went aboard the R/V Earl Milan to do trawls and tows to study the fish and other organisms in Galveston Bay. The boat trip is only one part of the field trip taken each year, and is often the student’s favorite event of the semester. Pictured below is the class of Fall 2017.


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Graduate Student Spotlight: Kathleen McAllister

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Kathleen McAllister! A Biology student in the Sorg Lab, Kathleen studies C. difficile and helped develop the CRISPR-Cas9 modification system in order to study this fascinating organism.

I’m from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, specifically from St. Martin which is a small community on the Gulf Coast. I’ve always been eager to learn, starting when I was little playing “school” with my sister and her friends. I’ve also always had a passion to help people. My life goal was to be able to do both. I earned my bachelor’s in Biomedical […]

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Graduate Student Spotlight: Ananya Dasgupta

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Ananya Dasgupta.  A graduate student in the Sachs lab, Ananya studies how nonsense mediated mRNA decay pathways help cells remove aberrant transcripts to stay healthy.


Nomoshkar! That is how we greet back home in Kolkata. It is a culturally diverse, highly populated and a city adorned with historical heritage in the eastern part of India. I have completed my schooling through my Master’s in my hometown. Being in Microbiology Honors for my bachelor’s and master’s from the University of Calcutta, a centenarian, I had enough exposure to the world […]

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