Honors in Biology

The Biology Department Honors Program is open to talented and motivated students pursuing any of our majors. Honors students are part of a vibrant community within the department with enriched learning experiences in both the classroom and research laboratories.

Biology Honors Program

dr kathy ryan mentors students in lab
light shining on algae tubes

The Biology Department Honors Program provides highly motivated and talented students an intellectually-challenging curriculum to help better prepare them for leadership positions in academia, health professions, industry, or government. Biology Honors provides depth to the study of basic biological sciences by placing additional emphasis on student-faculty contact, active student engagement, and communication skills. The Biology Honors distinction is available to students majoring in Biology (BA or BS), Microbiology, Molecular and Cell Biology, Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience, and Zoology.

Students participating in Biology Honors have the opportunity to enroll in dedicated Honors sections of core Biology classes. Because these Honors sections are substantially smaller than standard Biology classes Honors students engage in activities not normally available in larger classes, including discussion-based class meetings, independent reading and analysis, oral presentations, and inquiry-based laboratories. Additional opportunities are available to Honors students for leadership experiences in research, instruction, service, and mentoring. A central feature of the Biology Honors program is the expectation that all students will participate in at least one year of undergraduate research under the mentorship of a faculty member. Biology Honors graduates will have demonstrated their ability to meet high academic expectations, interact productively with faculty and peers, and work independently to master a deeper understanding of the natural world.

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Dr. Kathy Ryan, Director of Honors in Biology

Biology Undergraduate Advising Office
Butler Hall, Room 107
Phone: 979-845-3116
Office Hours: M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.