Summary of the Biological Sciences Strategic Plan 2020-2029

Biology provides the foundation upon which we build.

As a department, we believe our greatest strength is the diversity of research fields represented by our faculty. The central goal of our strategic plan for the next ten years is to develop a broad-based biology department with a wide variety of expertise, and thus a highly multidisciplinary approach, to significantly impact major problems.  

We will accomplish this goal through four strategic actions.

1. Target our growth in five focus areas in which we already have significant strengths.

    • Biological Timing
    • Biological Resilience
    • Regeneration and Repair
    • Biological Evolution
    • Synthetic Biology

2. Undertake significant hiring of biological researchers over 10 years, targeting
excellent junior faculty and rising/senior stars in each of the five strategic research areas.

3. Conduct five, one-year-long development and marketing efforts to enhance the exposure of each focal research area for recruiting and funding purposes.

4. Construct a new Biological Sciences Research Building that will house all Biology researchers and enhance the research space and facilities of TAMU biological sciences.

These actions will result in increased research stature of the biological sciences at Texas A&M and solidify the position of the biology department as the hub for life sciences at Texas A&M University.