Lower Division Instruction

The Lower Division Instruction Program provides first and second year biology courses designed for life science majors, as well as for the “core science” requirements for Texas A&M University. Housed on the 3rd floor of Heldenfels Hall, the Lower Division Instruction Program is dedicated to fulfilling the educational needs of its students and has recently been awarded a 3-star sustainability rating from the Office of Sustainability.

American Opportunity Tax Credit

Because of new legislation, for the first time ever, college students (or parents) may be able to claim tax refunds or tax credits for the course materials they buy – including textbooks.  To be eligible, you must keep your textbook receipts & school transcripts. It could be worth up to $2,500 per student!  Visit the American opportunity tax credit website for more details. (some restrictions apply)



HOURS: Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm
LOCATION: 315 Heldenfels
PHONE: (979) 845-4651
FAX: (979) 458-2030
E-MAIL: introbio@bio.tamu.edu

Biology Help Desk:
Students needing help with material presented in one of the 100 level biology courses can get one-on-one help from a Teaching Assistant.

PHONE: (979) 845-4653
E-MAIL: introbio@bio.tamu.edu

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), does not permit faculty or staff to report grades by phone or e-mail.  Please use the forms linked in the menu above to request grade checks or exam challenges.

Name Title Office Email
Lower Division Office 845-4651 introbio@bio.tamu.edu
Dr. Andy Tag Director 845-1994 atag@bio.tamu.edu
Camy Sturdivant Associate Director 845-4605 csturdivant@bio.tamu.edu
Chris Lee Teaching Coordinator 458-3399 clee@bio.tamu.edu
Monique Reed Technical Laboratory Coordinator 845-8650 monique@bio.tamu.edu
Urania Wells Administrative Assistant 845-6225 uwells@bio.tamu.edu
Tylesha Ramirez Senior Office Assistant 845-4651 tramirez@bio.tamu.edu
Aurelio Cadena Technician II 845-4679 acadena@bio.tamu.edu
Elaina Murray Technician II 845-4679 emurray@bio.tamu.edu
Bethany Walker Technician I 845-4679 bwalker@bio.tamu.edu


Phone numbers & email addresses

Name Title Office Course Email
Aufderheide, Karl Professor Emeritus BSBW 101A,
Biology 112 kauf@bio.tamu.edu
Kemp, Michael Professor BSBW 100,
Biology 111 mkemp@bio.tamu.edu
Lee, Christopher Lecturer HELD 315,
Biology 112 clee@bio.tamu.edu
MacKenzie, Duncan Associate Professor 306E BSBE,
Biology 112 Honors duncan@bio.tamu.edu
Rao, Asha Lecturer HELD 320A,
Biology 111, 113 arao@bio.tamu.edu
Tag, Andrew Lecturer HELD 320D,
Biology 111, 112 atag@bio.tamu.edu
Hawkins, Angela Lecturer HELD 320C,
Biology 111 ahawkins@bio.tamu.edu
Le Boeuf, Brigette Lecturer Biology 111 bleboeuf@bio.tamu.edu
Winemiller, Leslie Senior Lecturer HELD 320,
Biology 107 lesliew@bio.tamu.edu

Summer 2019
Teaching Assistants & Lab Instructors

Phone numbers & email addresses

Students should use the information below to contact their Teaching Assistant, Lab Instructor or Lecturer. If unable to do so, please call 845-4651 or e-mail the Introductory Biology Program Office at introbio@bio.tamu.edu to leave your message.

Name Sections Email
Jasmine Baloch jlbaloch@tamu.edu
Luke Bower lbower88@exchange.tamu.edu
Emma Lehmberg elehmberg@bio.tamu.edu
Terrence Sylvester tsylvester@bio.tamu.edu
Chenyu Wang cwang@bio.tamu.edu
Name Sections Email
Joshua Beytebiere 102 jbeytebiere@bio.tamu.edu
Elyssa Garza 101 egarza@bio.tamu.edu
Lunda Shen 103 lshen@bio.tamu.edu
Michael Werry 100 mwerry@bio.tamu.edu
Name Sections Email
Joshua Beytebiere 201 jbeytebiere@bio.tamu.edu
Jibran Khan 203 jkhan@bio.tamu.edu
Lunda Shen 202 lshen@bio.tamu.edu
Yi Sun 205 ysun@bio.tamu.edu
Bryan White 204 bwhite@bio.tamu.edu
Name Sections Email
Zachary Hancock zhancock@bio.tamu.edu
Brian White bwhite@bio.tamu.edu