Lower Division Instruction

The Lower Division Instruction Program provides first and second year biology courses designed for life science majors, as well as for the “core science” requirements for Texas A&M University. Housed on the 3rd floor of Heldenfels Hall, the Lower Division Instruction Program is dedicated to fulfilling the educational needs of its students and has recently been awarded a 3-star sustainability rating from the Office of Sustainability.



HOURS: Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm
LOCATION: 315 Heldenfels
PHONE: (979) 845-4651 ***Our phone lines are down due to building construction, please email us for assistance***
FAX: (979) 458-2030
E-MAIL: introbio@bio.tamu.edu

Biology Help Desk:
Students needing help with material presented in one of the 100 level biology courses can get one-on-one help from a Teaching Assistant.

PHONE: (979) 845-4653
E-MAIL: introbio@bio.tamu.edu

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), does not permit faculty or staff to report grades by phone or e-mail.  Please use the forms linked in the menu above to request grade checks or exam challenges.

Name Title Office Email
Lower Division Office 845-4651 introbio@bio.tamu.edu
Dr. Andy Tag Director 845-1994 atag@bio.tamu.edu
Camy Sturdivant Associate Director 845-4605 csturdivant@bio.tamu.edu
Chris Lee Teaching Coordinator 458-3399 clee@bio.tamu.edu
Bethany Willett Technical Laboratory Coordinator 845-8650 bwalker@bio.tamu.edu
Urania Wells Administrative Assistant 845-6225 uwells@bio.tamu.edu
Tylesha Ramirez Senior Office Assistant 845-4651 tramirez@bio.tamu.edu
Brittany White Technician II 845-4679 bawhite@bio.tamu.edu
Brittany Cornell Technician I 845-4679 bcornell@bio.tamu.edu


Phone numbers & email addresses

Name Title Office Course Email
Adams, Amanda Lecturer HELD 319 Biology 111, 112 aadams@bio.tamu.edu
Fletcher, Samantha Lecturer HELD 307 Biology 111, 112 sfletcher@bio.tamu.edu
Lee, Christopher Lecturer HELD 315,
Biology 107, 112 clee@bio.tamu.edu
Erickson, James Associate Professor BSBW 348C Biology 111, 112 jerickson@bio.tamu.edu
Hawkins, Angela Lecturer HELD 320C,
Biology 111 ahawkins@bio.tamu.edu
MacKenzie, Duncan Associate Professor BSBE 306E Biology 112 Honors duncan@bio.tamu.edu
Rao, Asha Instructional Assistant Professor HELD 320A,
Biology 111, 113 arao@bio.tamu.edu
Ryan, Kathy Instructional Assistant Professor BSBW 435D Biology 111, 112 kryan@bio.tamu.edu
Tag, Andrew Director of Lower Division, Instructiobal Assistant Professor HELD 320D,
Biology 111, 112 atag@bio.tamu.edu

Summer 2021
Teaching Assistants & Lab Instructors

Phone numbers & email addresses

Students should use the information below to contact their Teaching Assistant, Lab Instructor or Lecturer. If unable to do so, please call 845-4651 or e-mail the Introductory Biology Program Office at introbio@bio.tamu.edu to leave your message.

Name Sections Email
Lunda Shen 100 lshen@bio.tamu.edu
Kasuni Daundasekara 101 kdaundasekara@bio.tamu.edu
Jordan Salomon 102 jsalomon@bio.tamu.edu
Simon Kiacz 103 skiacz@bio.tamu.edu
Young-Ho Jung 104 yjung@bio.tamu.edu
Name Sections Email
Name Sections Email