TAMU Biology Stockroom

We are Open! Please read our safety requirements!

The Biology Stockroom is now open daily with new requirements to ensure the safety of our customers. The following safety rules are REQUIRED in order to use the Biology Stockroom to purchase supplies for your lab:

  • There is now a service desk at the entryway of the Stockroom at the internal door
    • No one is permitted to enter the stockroom, Susan will assist you through the service desk at the entry way when you arrive
  • A protective covering/face mask should be worn at all times when at the stockroom entry way
  • Do not attempt to enter the stockroom from the back door at the loading dock, it is for deliveries only
  • You now have the ability to order supplies online and have a contact-less pickup outside the stockroom, see below for more details

Stockroom Hours & Information

The Department of Biology’s Stockroom serves the laboratory supply needs of our department. Purchases by other departments on the Texas A&M campus are available through interdepartmental transfers.


The Stockroom is located in room 101 in Biological Sciences Building East

Stockroom Personnel:
Susan Reed

Stockroom Hours:

Monday 9:00 am – noon
Tuesday 9:00 am – noon
Wednesday 9:00 am – noon
Thursday 9:00 am – noon
Friday 9:00 am – noon

New Accounts

You must have an existing account to order from the stockroom, if you have not made an account you can fill out the New Account Form and email it to stockroom@bio.tamu.edu.

Ordering Items Online For Contact-less Pickup:

To order items online, please see the item list below and email stockroom@bio.tamu.edu with the item descriptions and quantities. She will set up a time to leave the items outside the stockroom for your contact-less pickup. Please email by 11:30 am for same-day pickup by noon. Any emails after 11:30am will be filled the following day. Some items are subject to item limits per customer and are noted in the item list, we thank you for your patience as we work to restock as quickly as possible.

Item List

NEB Orders Online:

The Biology Stockroom carries several NEB enzymes in stock for pickup anytime during open hours, found in the List of NEB In Stock Enzymes. Please feel free to include any of these enzymes in an online order for contact-less pickup, by emailing stockroom@bio.tamu.edu with the Catalog Number and quantities of the enzyme(s) you wish to purchase.

All other NEB enzymes can be ordered at a discounted rate by the Biology Stockroom. Please email Susan Reed at stockroom@bio.tamu.edu with the filled out Biology Stockroom NEB Order Form found below. Enzymes ordered before 3pm will arrive next day, no orders will be made on Fridays.

NEB Enzyme Order Form

Oligonucleotide/IDT Orders:

Starting April 1st, 2017 the Biology Stockroom has taken over the Oligonucleotide Orders previously handled by the GTL. You can connect to the Biology portal of IDT’s website directly to place your order. Just go to the site, use your existing account or if a new lab create a new account, and begin ordering. Make sure you use this account every time you order from IDT.

** There is a 48 hour turnaround for orders received by 3 p.m. Orders are available to pickup in the Stockroom. **

Shipping items over 150lbs

If you are attempting to send or receive an item over 150lbs, it CANNOT be delivered or sent through the Biology Stockroom or Butler 100. You MUST have it delivered to Central Receiving and then call a moving company to bring it directly to your lab/office. If you are expecting a large delivery please email Susan Reed sreed@bio.tamu.edu and Denise Valero dvalero@bio.tamu.edu and confirm your plan for delivery.