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Dr. Paul Hardin Featured in Advancing Academics

Dr. Paul Hardin Featured in Advancing Academics

While every Texas A&M University student strives to exemplify the Aggie core value of excellence, this goal is equally important for the university’s faculty and researchers. By providing quality education and performing groundbreaking research, Texas A&M faculty members continue to attract and impact high-achieving students. Read more about Dr. Hardin and his colleagues that help to earn Aggieland national and global recognition!

The mystery of the missing portrait of Robert Hooke, 17th-century scientist extraordinaire

The mystery of the missing portrait of Robert Hooke, 17th-century scientist extraordinaire

It’s incredibly strange that there is no contemporary portrait of renowned scientist Robert Hooke, who discovered the cell. A little detective work points to Isaac Newton as likely involved in the disappearance of a portrait honoring Hooke. After all, the two did have a quarrelsome history… Be sure to checkout the latest from Dr. Larry Griffing in the article by The Conversation!

Congratulations to Undergraduate Award Winners!

Congratulations to our Biology Undergraduate Award Winners!

Congratulations to all of our amazing undergraduates for their academic excellence and amazing research! Please take a moment to read about these amazing scholars and their achievements in the TAMU Science Articles.


Basic biological research has evolved into a broad, fast-paced and dynamic profession that drives newly emerging industries and actively shapes many human endeavors. Both globally and locally, cutting-edge research at Texas A&M University strives to understand the fundamental processes driving life around us and to improve the ways people everywhere manage their health and the health of our planet. The Department of Biology is responsible for research and teaching within the vast disciplines of the biological sciences, from molecular cell biology to ecology and evolutionary biology. Our faculty perform cutting-edge research in a wide array of biological sciences in the laboratory and in the field.


Our Graduate Program in Biology offers a diverse range of integrative training opportunities for students seeking a Ph.D. degree in the biological sciences. We offer training in multiple disciplines within Biology, including Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics, Neurobiology and Behavior, Microbiology, Plant Biology, Biological Clocks, and Physiology and Systems Biology.

All students in our program receive rigorous academic training in biology and carry out their research in competitive, state-of-the-art research labs. Many faculty research programs span multiple research areas and levels of biological organization, creating a dynamic training environment for graduate students. Our graduate students conduct creative, independent research and scholarship. Graduates of our programs prepare themselves for a wide range of career opportunities and gain positions in academic institutions, government agencies, and industry.

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The Department of Biology is responsible for introducing biological principles to students in every Texas A&M University major. We provide modern and comprehensive B.S. and B.A. curricula in Biology, Molecular and Cell Biology, Microbiology, Neuroscience, and Zoology for more than 1500 undergraduate biology majors. These degrees prepare students for various life science careers and are an excellent entrée to the health care professions. If you are interested in pursuing a major in one of our disciplines, or if you are currently a student and would like information on courses or the program, we have excellent undergraduate advisors who will be happy to help you.

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