Bioinformatics: Research & Application Symposium

The 2021 Symposium will be held on September 10th via Zoom. Click here for the 2021 website.

Bioinformatics is a diverse research area that has far-reaching implications for both foundational and translational research, with growing applications in human health, epidemiology, forensics, and public policy practices. This symposium addresses many of these topics by bringing together relevant experts collaborating in the fields of biology, statistics, imaging, computational and systems biology.

2019 Meeting

Plenary speaker:

Gaudenz Danuser, Ph.D. (UT Southwestern Medical Center)

Invited speakers:

Tanya Garcia, Ph.D. (Texas A&M University)
Leigh Greathouse, Ph.D. (Baylor University)
David Mittelman, Ph.D. (Othram, Inc.)
Alan Pepper, Ph.D. (Texas A&M University)
Kunal Rai, Ph.D. (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
Michael Thomson, Ph.D. (Texas A&M University)
Marina Vannucci, Ph.D. (Rice University)
Dr. Thomas Yankeelov (University of Texas, Austin)

Poster Session for Students and Postdocs

Conference Flyer


Steve Lockless, Ph.D.,
Department of Biology

Tapasree Roy Sarkar, Ph.D.,
Departments of Biology & Statistics

Yang Ni, Ph.D.,
Department of Statistics

Moumita Karmakar, Ph.D.,
Department of Statistics

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2018 Conference Symposium Attendees

2018 Bioinformatics: Research & Application Symposium

9:00 am           Welcome and Introduction: Valen Johnson (Dean, College of Science)

SESSION 1     Bioinformatics: Human Health

9:10 am           Tanya Garcia (Texas A&M University): c2PLasso: the categorical-continuous pliable  lasso to identify brain regions associated with motor impairment in Huntington disease

9:40 am           Kunal Rai (MD Anderson Cancer Center): Computational analysis of epigenomic data from tumors 

10:10 am         Coffee Break

10:35 am         Thomas Yankeelov (University of Texas at Austin): Predicting treatment response via quantitative imaging and computational modeling

11:05 am           Leigh Greathouse (Baylor University): Using the microbiome to build predictors of cancer risk and treatment response

11:45 am           Lunch (on your own)

SESSION 2     Bioinformatics: Multifaceted Applications

1:15 pm          David Mittelman (Othram, Inc.): Computational challenges in reconstructing genomes from aged and damaged samples

1:45 pm          Alan Pepper (Texas A&M University): Deep mining of diverse datasets to uncover evolutionary history

2:15 pm          Marina Vannucci (Rice University): Edge-selection priors for multiple graphs estimation and applications to complex biological data

2:45 pm          Coffee Break

3:00 pm          Michael Thomson (Texas A&M University): Integrating bioinformatics and CRISPR-based gene editing to accelerate rice improvement


3:30 pm          Gaudenz Danuser (UT Southwestern Medical Center): Inference of causality in  molecular pathways from live cell images

4:45 – 5:45      Poster session (students & postdocs)

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