Undergraduate Spotlight: Ashley Hayden

This Undergraduate Spotlight features Ashley Hayden, Class of ’19, a Biology Honor’s Undergraduate Researcher in the Merlin Lab. Ashley is a biology major set to graduate in May of 2019, and has double minors in bioinformatics and psychology. She works in the Merlin lab on an independent project with genetic mutant knockout Monarch Butterflies. Ashley was recently selected to receive a coveted scholarship from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, one of only nine students from the College of Science since the inception of the award in 1986. Learn more about the awardship here. […]

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TAMU Biology implements Open-Source textbooks

Switch to OpenStax

TAMU Biology and TAMU Libraries have teamed up to give some much needed relief for introductory biology students needing to buy textbooks. By working with OpenStax, open-sourced material is now being used for introductory texts, saving our students $600,000 a year in textbook costs.

Tuesday, May 29th marked the first class to use this free textbook source, and today Bruce Neville (Instructional Associate Professor and Science & Engineering Librarian) presented TAMU Biology Associate Professor James Erickson with an honorary certificate to mark the occasion during the first lecture of the course.


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Graduate Student Spotlight: Sabyasachi Mandal

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight is Sabyasachi Mandal, a Graduate Student in Dr. Tom McKnight‘s laboratory on TAMU’s campus. Sachi is a motivated botanist, looking at transcriptomics of acylsugar biosynthetic pathways in wild tomato plants. Read on to learn more about Sachi and his advice and experience here in the Biology Department.

I am from a town called Sagardighi in the state of West Bengal, which is in the eastern part of India. Sagardighi is a very small town with a lot of big-hearted people. I was raised by my parents with love, care, and […]

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Fall Marine Biology Study Trip

The Department of Biology holds a Marine Biology course each Fall (BIOL 440), where student get hands-on experience studying marine organisms in the field studying with their Professor, Dr. Mary Wicksten. The year’s crew of students went aboard the R/V Earl Milan to do trawls and tows to study the fish and other organisms in Galveston Bay. The boat trip is only one part of the field trip taken each year, and is often the student’s favorite event of the semester. Pictured below is the class of Fall 2017.


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Graduate Student Spotlight: Sarah Beagle

This Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Sarah Beagle. A Biology Graduate student in the Lockless Lab, and an avid Kansas fan, Sarah studies K+ channels in the bacteria E. coli.

I’m from Auburn, Kansas-a small town just outside of Topeka. As a kid, I really loved animals of all kinds, and I had these extremely elaborate plans to try to convince my parents to let me bring home a wildly diverse set of animals as pets. I pitched them everything from a horse to a Komodo dragon as a pet. Those plans were surprisingly unsuccessful, but […]

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