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Student/Postdoc Research Conference

The 2018 Student-Postdoc Research Conference will be held Saturday, September 29th.
Abstracts will be due August 31st, 2018. 
Please email any questions to this address:


Students and postdocs will be selected from the abstracts to give 20-minute talks (15-minute presentation and 5 minutes for questions).  We encourage everyone with a story to tell to present his or her work to the department, even if it hasn’t been published.

Graduate students – most of you have taken Jack McMahan’s class and can use your 10-minute talk as a starting template for your longer 20-minute talk.

The success of last years Data Blitz means that it’s returning to this year’s program.  Trainees will be chosen for the data blitz from those who apply and will have the opportunity to give a 1.5-minute, single-slide talk about their poster.  The slide should not include video or animations.

The goal is to articulate a topic in a quick, insightful and clear manner.  These short talks are intended to grab the attention of the audience and will allow presenters to share their ideas in a brief period of time.  This is another way to share your work, attract more people to your posters and increase your visibility within the department!

Where will they be displayed?

  • ILSB Lobby outside of the Auditorium
  • Your Abstract # will be listed in the SPRC 2017 abstract document
  • There will be a poster board with your Abstract # on it
  • Push pins and clips will be provided.

When will I be able to hang my poster?

  • You will have access to ILSB Friday, September 28th from 1 pm – 4 pm.
  • Note: Please have your posters up no later than Friday at 4 pm if you would like to compete for an award!

What do I need to know about making a poster?

  • A document outlining good poster practices can be found here (POSTER GUIDELINES)
  • Many of you will have posters from other meetings you can use.
  • If you are making a new poster, do not feel obligated to produce one of those big, expensive glossy posters.  The modular format printed on your lab printer, when done well, can be just as well and is inexpensive and low stress to prepare. The main thing is that you present SOMETHING.
  • We strongly discourage “lab” posters as a substitute for a poster by individual students.
  • Poster board space available: 4 ft. wide x 4 ft. tall
  • No projected poster presentations. Your main presentation should be a hard copy poster. You can supplement this with images or movies on your laptop.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Department of Biology no longer has a poster printer. Poster Printing Alternatives (pdf).
SPRC 2016


Dr. Tom McKnight Presents the awards:

tejas karhadkar receiving best talk award

Best Talk: Tejas Karhadkar

samantha iiams wins runner up talk award

Runner-Up Talk: Samantha Iiams

joshua beytebiere wins best poster award

Best Poster: Joshua Beytebiere

yufang wan receives runner up poster award

Runner-Up Poster: Yufang Wan

September 29th, 2018
Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building auditorium and lobby

Talks – Session 1

Sabyasachi Mandal
Tejas Karhadkar
Jie Tian
Ramesh Rijal

2:00 pm
Data Blitz ** No Animation or Videos **

Joshua Beytebiere
Kristen Consalvo
Zhaolan Ding
Ben Greenwell
Jennifer Jung
Aldrin Lugena
Kathleen McAllister
Sara Maynard
Yu Tang
Yufeng Wan
Huan Zhang

2:30 pm
Poster Session – Odd Numbered Posters

Marko Baloh
Disha Bhattachargee
Kathrina Castillo
Ananya Dasgupta
Ben Greenwell
Jimmy Goncalves
Wangming Ji
Young-Ho Jung
Jibran Khan
Krishna Kumar
Sara Maynard
Hailee Nerber
Aaron Rose
Grace Samtani
Ritu Shrestha
Riley Syzdek
Yufeng Wan

3:30 pm 
Poster Session – Even Numbered Posters

Joshua Beytebiere
Kristen Consalvo
Zhaolan Ding
Adam Foxfire
Mengxin Geng
Nicholas Holloway
Jennifer Jung
Shanta Karki
Aldrin Lugena
Kathleen McAllister
Aditi Raju
Kyoungsun Rha
Abira Sahu
Lunda Shen
Yu Tang
Chenyu Wang
Huan Zhang

4:30 pm
Talks – Session 2

Andrea Martinez Aguirre
Samantha Iiams
Ian Smith
Brigette LeBoeuf

SPRC Organizing Committee

Hongmin Qin(chair)
Beiyan Nan
Heath Blackmon
Jennifer Jung
Jennifer Bradford
McKensie Daugherty

Donations for SPRC Winners
provided by TAMU College of Science

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