Biology Facilities

The Department of Biology has offices and laboratories located in five buildings near the center of the main College Station campus: Butler Hall, Biological Sciences Building East (BSBE) and Biological Sciences Building West (BSBW), Heldenfels, and the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building.

Our Administrative Offices, including the office of the Department Head, the Business Office, the Undergraduate Advising Office, and the Graduate Advising Office can be found on the first floor of Butler Hall.

The Biology Safety Office is also located in Biological Sciences Building West (BSBW).


Biology Service Centers

Within the Biology Department we have the Biology Service Centers.  These centers support both the teaching and research mission of the Department.  Below is a list of the current services and rates:

Biology Instrument Shop


Bioaquatics Facility

Biology IT Services (BITS)

Departmental Stockroom

Plant Care Services

Gene Technologies Laboratory – Closing March 31, 2017.  Last day to submit samples for sequencing, Friday, March 24.  Starting April 1st, the IDT Oligonucleotide orders will be done through the Biology Stockroom.

Dishwashing/Sterilization Services


List of the current Biology Service Center rates [PDF]

Other Related Service Centers

High Throughput Screening (HTS) Drug Screening Lab

Microscopy and Imaging Center

For additional facilities on campus, please refer to the Genetics’ 2016-17 TAMU Core Facilities guide.