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Jennifer Dulin

Assistant Professor

Fax: 979-845-2891


Lab Website

Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building
Phone: 979-845-4589

Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building

Joined the Department in 2017

  • BS, 2005 Texas A&M University Biochemistry
  • PhD, 2012 University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Neuroscience
  • Postdoctoral Research, UC San Diego, Neurosciences



The goals of the Dulin lab are (1) to gain new understanding about the pathophysiology underlying central and peripheral dysfunctions after spinal cord injury, and (2) to develop robust new therapies that can improve quality of life for those living with spinal cord injury. Specifically, we are working to develop optimized neural stem/progenitor cell transplantation approaches to restore neural circuitry controlling motor, sensory, and autonomic functions. We strive to combine a high level of scientific rigor with transparency and collaboration in order to drive the field forward toward the development of powerful clinical therapies.

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