Uel Jackson McMahan

Professor Emeritus

Fax: 979-845-2891

Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building

Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building

Joined the Department in 2008

  • B.A., 1960, Westminster College (Fulton, Missouri), Biology
  • Ph.D., 1964, University of Tennessee Medical Units (Memphis), Anatomy
  • Instructor, 1965-1967, Yale University School of Medicine, Anatomy
  • Instructor, Assistant Professor, and Associate Professor, 1967-1977, Harvard Medical School, Neurobiology
  • Professor, 1977-2008, Stanford University, Neurobiology
  • Director of the Interdepartmental Neurosciences Ph.D. program, 1986-1991, Stanford University,
  • Chair of Department of Neurobiology, 1987-1992, Stanford University,
  • Chair of the Committee on Graduate Studies, 1989-1990, Stanford University


Professor of Neurobiology and of Structural Biology Emeritus at Stanford, 2008
Career Development Award from NIH, 1973-1977
Jacob Javits Neurosciences Investigator Award from NIH, 1984-1991 and 1991-1998
Fondation IPSEN/Fondation de France Prix (Plasticite Neuronale), 1998
Director of the Visiting Lecture Team Program for the International Brain Research Organization, UNESCO

McMahan and his research group provide one of the cornerstones for Texas A&M’s new Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building and its related teaching and research efforts. His work focuses on how the nervous system’s synapses form in the embryo and function in the adult in various animal species. It relies on high-resolution imaging, chemical characterization and experimental manipulation of specific macromolecules and organelles, which altogether provide insights unobtainable via any other approach. The findings bear directly on the problems of understanding the molecular basis of human brain diseases and restoring brain function after trauma.

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