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William Cohn

Instructional Associate Professor

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Joined the Department in 2006

  • B.S. Biology, University of Texas at Austin
  • Ph.D. Biology, Texas A&M University


  • ΚΔ professor of the month, fall 2006

319. Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology I. (3-3). Credit 4. I, S

Integrated approach to cellular, neural, skeletal, muscular anatomy and physiology; includes some histology, histopathology, radiology and clinical correlations. Prerequisites: BIOL 111 and 112, or BIOL 107

Prerequisites, be able to:
1. Explain cell biology basics such as what the mitochondrion is and does, etc.
2. Explain chemistry basics such as enzymes, acid/base, pH, etc.
3. Explain the physics of physiology such as refraction of light, pressure gradients, forces for movement.
4. Write with proper grammar and use digital media
5. Demonstrate how to use a light microscope
6. Solve arithmetic and algebraic problems

Learning outcomes, be able to:
1. Identify tissues and relate their structure to their physiology
2. Articulate structure and function of skin
3. Describe bone anatomy including the Action/Origin/Insertions (AOIs) of the major muscles
4. Explain the growth and developmental physiology of bone
5. Identify major muscles (and respective AOIs) of the human body using human models and cat dissection specimens.
6. Describe the physiology of muscle at the cellular and organ level
7. Explain the anatomy and physiology of the central and peripheral nervous system

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