SPRC 2019

The Student Post-Doc Research Conference this year was an outstanding success! Graduate Students, Post-Docs, and Undergraduates presented Talks, DataBlitzes, and Posters full of the amazing science they are working on! Take a look below at some photos and to see the winners of our awards this year!

2019- Talks

kat castillo

Kat Castillo, Ph.D.

ben greenwell

Ben Greenwell

guijun wan

Guijun Wan, Ph.D.

carl hjelmen

Carl Hjelmen, Ph.D.

valerie dietz

Valerie Dietz

huan zhang

Huan Zhang, Ph.D.

yu tang

Yu Tang

hailee nerber

Hailee Nerber

2019- Datablitz & Posters

People participating in datablitz
poster session from above
terrence with students
woman with poster

2019- Awards
Sponsored by Texas A&M College of Science

andrea & tom mcknight

Hailee Nerber, Andrea Martinez Aguirre Accepting

Best Graduate Student Talk

kat & tom mcknight

Kat Castillo

Best Postdoc Talk Award

ying & tom mcknight

Ying Zhang

Best Postdoc Poster Award

sunjay & tom mcknight

Sunjay Letchuman

Best Undergraduate Poster Award

sara & tom mcknight

Sara Kirolos

Best Graduate Student Poster Award

jorden & tom mcknight

Jorden Holland

2nd Place Graduate Student Poster Award

prakuthi & tom mcknight

Prakuthi Amar Kumar

3rd Place Graduate Student Poster