The link to the Ceremony video is here:, tune in!

To the Graduating Class of 2020

Congratulations on earning your undergraduate degree! Biology is a rigorous course of study, and we know how much effort it takes to complete your degree, even in the best of times. Although social distancing guidelines prohibit the university from holding traditional commencement ceremonies this summer, the Department of Biology applauds you for completing the degree requirements under such challenging circumstances.

The Department of Biology wants to publicly acknowledge your outstanding accomplishment and award your degree at the time originally scheduled for this year’s graduation. We will hold an Award and Recognition Celebration on Friday, August 7th, at 2 pm, via YouTube. You will be individually acknowledged during our celebration program. We share in your disappointment of not having a proper commencement ceremony at this time, but we want to honor your hard work and celebrate your success in a way that can be viewed and shared with you and your family and friends.

We applaud your resilience and look forward to publicly recognizing your accomplishments.

Congratulations, and Gig ‘em!

Thomas D. McKnight, Professor and Head

Department of Biology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843

The YouTube Premiere Link for the Ceremony is:

For more information on this event, contact McKensie LeFevre at