WHAT CAN I DO WITH A DEGREE IN BIOLOGY? – Without a doubt, the Biology degree is the most versatile of the many degrees in the life sciences. Over half of our majors (in all of our degrees) go on for an advanced degree such as the Master of Science or the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D). Historically, Biology has placed more of its majors in medical and dental schools than any other department at Texas A&M. In addition, a large number of our majors complete teaching certification in order to take positions as science teachers in secondary schools. Qualified science teachers continue to be in high demand, giving the applicant options to go to nearly any area of the state or country where they might choose to live. Business, industry, and government continues to hire many of our graduates where skills and knowledge in the life sciences are in great and growing demand. Furthermore, training in Biology provides a unique perspective in other professions such as Law, Architecture, Engineering, Business and Management.

ADVISING – Advising of our undergraduate students occurs at several levels and is considered a high priority. Our Undergraduate Advising Office has an excellent staff to handle routine questions about majors, courses, degree plans, grades, etc. In addition, each student is assigned a faculty member in their chosen major who is available to assist with professional questions regarding course content, career options and opportunities for undergraduate research.



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DEGREES and MINORS – The Department of Biology’s undergraduate program consists of a choice of five degree plans in the life sciences. You may choose from a B.A. in Biology, or B.S. degrees in Biology, Microbiology, Molecular & Cell Biology and Zoology. The biological sciences, in general, continue to be some of the most dynamic majors at Texas A&M.

RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES – Doing undergraduate research is an excellent way to get a feel for this very exciting and important aspect of the scientific endeavor. We strongly encourage students to work closely with an individual professor in designing and undertaking a specific project. Each year many undergraduates publish their results in respected journals, including Texas A&M’s Undergraduate Journal of Science, and participate in a Biology Department Research Competition. In summer there are also extensive opportunities for individualized research with our faculty. Click here for current opportunities in the Biology Department.

American Opportunity Tax Credit

Because of new legislation, for the first time ever, college students (or parents) may be able to claim tax refunds or tax credits for the course materials they buy – including textbooks.

To be eligible, you must keep your textbook receipts & school transcripts. It could be worth up to $2,500 per student!

Visit the American opportunity tax credit website for more details. (some restrictions apply)