Graduation with Biology Honors

students with medallions


Students completing Biology honors requirements will be recognized at graduation with a medallion and a gold stole.  All Honors courses will be designated as Honors on a student’s official transcript.  The Biology Honors distinction, as well as any other Honors distinctions, will also be noted on a student’s official transcript.

Honors Graduates 2018

To graduate with the Biology Honors distinction, students must achieve the following:

  1. Complete the Biology Honors course requirements, including at least 6 credits of BIOL 491H and 2 credits of BIOL 495H, with a minimum cumulative Texas A&M University GPA of 3.5 and a minimum of 3.25 in Biology Honors courses.
  1. No grade lower than a B in courses counting towards Biology Honors. (If a student receives less than a B in an Honors course they will still receive credit for that course towards graduation. However, they must take a different course to fulfill their Honors requirement with a grade of B or above).
  1. No F* (academic dishonesty) on the transcript.