Lab Members

Charles Criscione

Curriculum Vitae

PhD: Biology, Oregon State University (2005)
MS: Biology, Southeastern Louisiana University (2000)
BS: Zoology, Louisiana State University (1995)

I examine fundamental ecological and evolutionary questions in parasite systems and consider my research to be at the interface of ecology, evolution, and genetics.  Parasitology provides a rich subject area for studies of ecology and evolutionary biology.  Numerous topics such as ecosystem dynamics, mating systems, or coevolution can be addressed because parasites are extremely diverse.  By diversity, I include not only the myriad of taxa that have independently evolved a parasitic lifestyle, but also the diversity in life cycles, modes of reproduction, host species, and ecosystems utilized by parasites.  This diversity also allows for comparative studies to address theories or unifying principles that span ecosystems or taxonomic groups.  Furthermore, there are many practical applications such as studying the evolution of drug resistance, or using parasite community structure to assess “ecosystem health”.  My research interests address both basic and applied questions, and span three overlapping subject areas: 1) Evolution: Population Genetics, Mating Systems, and Molecular Epidemiology, 2) Ecology: Biodiversity, Conservation, and Natural History, and 3) Genetics and Ecological Genomics.

Jenna Hulke
Graduate Student

PhD: Texas A&M University, In Progress
BS: University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Jenna is a PhD student researching the population genetics of parasite mating systems. After graduating from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, she studied visceral Leishmania in India before becoming a Project Manager for University of California Santa Barbara, looking at the aggregation of parasites at water holes in Kenya.  She is interested in the evolutionary consequences of life cycle variations as well as chromosome diversification of parasites. Jenna joined the lab in January 2019.

Former Members


Isabel Caballero
Postdoctoral Researcher 2013-2017
» Currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences

Jillian Detwiler
Postdoctoral Researcher 2010-2013
» Currently an Associate Professor at the University of Manitoba, Department of Biological Sciences.

Graduate Students

Mary Janecka
PhD Student 2011-2019
» Currently NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburg

Andrew Sakla
Master’s Student 2014-2018
» Currently a Research Associate at UT Southwestern in Dallas

Emily Kasl
PhD Student 2009-2016
» Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of North Alabama, Department of Biological Sciences.


Kwadwo Owusu
Undergraduate Researcher 2010-11; Currently employed as an analyst for TXU Energy
» Population genetics of an invasive gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus).
» Presented at the 9th Annual Pathways Student Research Symposium
» First author on a research note in Conservation Genetics Resources.

Erika Medina
Undergraduate Researcher 2011-13
» Population genetics of an invasive gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus).

Nick Stokes
Undergraduate Researcher 2013-14
» Elucidation of trematode life cycles using molecular markers on field collected specimens.

Charles Criscione

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