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Study Abroad this Winter!

Hey undergrads in Biology! Interested in Study Abroad this winter? Checkout the Amazon River Tropical Biology course! Explore the world’s most bio-diverse region and experience forests, rivers, and remote villages!

TAMU Biology implements Open-Source textbooks

TAMU Biology and TAMU Libraries have teamed up to give some much needed relief for introductory biology students needing to buy textbooks. By working with OpenStax, open-sourced material is now being used for introductory […]

Graduate Student Spotlight: Patrick Suess

This month’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Patrick Suess. A student in the Gomer Lab, Patrick studies the signalling function of inorganic polyphosphate in the eukaryote Dictyostelium and in human immune cells. […]

Recent News

TAMU Biology Dr. Duncan MacKenzie among 3 TAMU Science recipients of Inaugural Honoring Excellence Award
via Shana Hutchins, TAMU College of Science

Texas A&M Biology: Dr. Schartl & team first to sequence Amazon Molly Fish Genome
via Shana Hutchins, TAMU College of Science

Texas A&M researchers: Cancer fight may be all about timing
via Steve Kuhlmann, The Eagle

Dr. Deb Bell Pedersen & Dr. David Earnest -Could time of day boost chemo for glioblastoma? 
via Christina Summers, futurity.com

Texas A&M Research Shows Biological Clocks Could Improve Brain Cancer Treatment
via Shana Hutchins, TAMU College of Science

Obituary for Dr. Helmut Sauer, A Personal Memoir by Dr. Karl J Aufderheide
Aufderheide, KJ. 2017. Nachruf auf Helmut W. Sauer. 12. August 1936–25. April 2016. A Personal Memoir. Zoologie 2017, Mitteilungen d. Dtsch. Zool. Ges. pp. 61–64.

Dr. Joseph Sorg Laboratory in TAMU Biology develops CRISPR-Cas9 system for C. difficile
via Shana Hutchins, TAMU College of Science

Recent Publications

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