Research in the Department of Biology spans the entire breadth of biology: from ecology and evolution to molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. Our research is supported by a wide array of funding sources, including NIH, NSF and the Welch Foundation.

Many departmental faculty members actively participate in campus-wide interdepartmental graduate and research programs, including Genetics, Neuroscience, Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences, and the newly formed faculty of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology.

Plant Biology

Lawrence Griffing


Structure and biochemical organization of cells; membrane trafficking


Profile Photo of Tom McKnight

Thomas McKnight


Molecular analysis of protein secretion in plants; plant genome organization and evolution


Alan Pepper


Environmental regulation of development in Arabidopsis thaliana

Hongmin Qin

Profile | Lab Website

Quantitative Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology

Profile Photo of Wayne Versaw

Wayne Versaw


Plant and fungal molecular biology; phosphate transport and metabolism