Research in the Department of Biology spans the entire breadth of biology: from ecology and evolution to molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. Our research is supported by a wide array of funding sources, including NIH, NSF and the Welch Foundation.

Many departmental faculty members actively participate in campus-wide interdepartmental graduate and research programs, including Genetics, Neuroscience, Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences, and the newly formed faculty of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology.

Cell, Molecular, & Developmental Biology

Profile Photo of Rodolpho Aramayo

Rodolfo Aramayo

Aramayo Profile

Meiotic silencing in Neurospora crassa

Karl Aufderheide

Aufderheide Profile

Cell and developmental biology; developmental genetics; development and differentiation in unicellular organisms; intracellular pattern formation

Profile Photo of Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell

Campbell Profile

Phytoplankton ecology; phytoplankton community structure, population dynamics, and diversity

Profile Photo of Charles Criscione

Charles Criscione

Criscione Profile | Criscione Lab Website

Ecology, evolution, and genetics of parasites

James Erickson

Erickson Profile

Sex determination in Drosophila; temporal and transcriptional controls in development; RNA silencing mechanisms

Isabella Farhy

Farhy Profile | Farhy Lab

Astrocyte-neuron communication; Mechanisms of synapse development and function; Astrocyte function; Role of astrocytes in mood disorders

L. Rene Garcia

Garcia Profile | Garcia Lab Website

Genetics of behavior and development in C. elegans

Richard Gomer

Gomer Profile | Gomer Lab Website

Tissue size regulation, wound healing, and fibrosing diseases

Lawrence Griffing

Griffing Profile

Structure and biochemical organization of cells; membrane trafficking

Profile Photo of Paul Hardin

Paul Hardin

Hardin Profile | Hardin Lab Website

Molecular biology of biological clocks in Drosophila; behavioral neurogenetics; transcriptional regulation.

Thomas McKnight

McKnight Profile

Molecular analysis of protein secretion in plants; plant genome organization and evolution

Jerome Menet

Menet Profile | Menet Lab Website

Molecular mechanism of the circadian clock in mice

Christine Merlin

Merlin Profile | Merlin Lab Website

Molecular genetics and genomics of monarch butterfly circadian clocks and long-distance migration

Profile Photo of Beiyan Nan

Beiyan Nan

Nan Profile | Nan Lab Website

Bacterial physiology, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Daniel Paredes-Sabja

Paredes-Sabja Profile

Molecular mechanisms of C. difficile pathogenesis and exosporium-assembly of C. difficile spores

Profile Photo of Alan Pepper

Alan Pepper

Pepper Profile

Environmental regulation of development in Arabidopsis thaliana

Hongmin Qin

Qin Profile | Qin Lab Website

Quantitative Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology

Bruce Riley

Riley Profile | Riley Lab Website

Genetic regulation of zebra fish development

Kathryn Ryan

Ryan Profile

Nuclear pore complex assembly and nuclear envelope dynamics using yeast as a model system

Matt Sachs

Sachs Profile

Regulation of eukaryotic gene expression focused primarily on post-transcriptional control; functional analyses of fungi at the genome level

Tapasree Roy Sarkar

Sarkar Profile

Cancer bioinformatics, Cancer Biology, Metabolomics, Nanotechnology

James Leif Smith

Smith Profile | Smith Lab Website

Structural and functional characterization of natural products from microorganisms

Joseph Sorg

Sorg Profile | Sorg Lab Website

Mechanisms of Clostridium difficilespore germination and bile acid resistance

Wayne Versaw

Versaw Profile

Plant and fungal molecular biology; phosphate transport and metabolism

Profile Photo of ry young
Ry Young

Young Profile | Young Lab Website

Molecular genetics; bacteriophage lysis mechanisms; bacterial toxins

Aref Zarin

Zarin Profile | Zarin Lab Website

Developmental and experimental neuroscience; Formation and maintenance of sensory-motor circuits in Drosophila; Behavioral neurogenetics, neural circuitry underlying locomotor behaviors and action selection; Transcriptional regulation of neuronal properties

Mark Zoran

Zoran Profile

Developmental neurobiology; molecular determinants of synapse formation; neural regeneration; biological clock control of neural signaling