Research in the Department of Biology spans the entire breadth of biology: from ecology and evolution to molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. Our research is supported by a wide array of funding sources, including NIH, NSF and the Welch Foundation.

Many departmental faculty members actively participate in campus-wide interdepartmental graduate and research programs, including Genetics, Neuroscience, Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences, and the newly formed faculty of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology.


Rodolfo Aramayo


Meiotic silencing in Neurospora crassa

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Deb Bell-Pedersen

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Molecular genetics and genomics of circadian clocks and signaling pathways in fungi

Michael Benedik


Microbial genetics, protein translocation, and microbial biotechnology


Lisa Campbell


Phytoplankton ecology; phytoplankton community structure, population dynamics, and diversity

Steve Lockless

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Electrical and motile properties of microorganisms; Information content in genomes


Angela Mitchell

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Mechanisms of interaction between stress and antibiotic resistance in gram-negative bacteria

Beiyan Nan

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Bacterial physiology, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Kathryn Ryan


Nuclear pore complex assembly and nuclear envelope dynamics using yeast as a model system

Matt Sachs


Regulation of eukaryotic gene expression focused primarily on post-transcriptional control; functional analyses of fungi at the genome level

James Leif Smith

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Structural and functional characterization of natural products from microorganisms

Joseph Sorg

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Mechanisms of Clostridium difficilespore germination and bile acid resistance

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Ry Young

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Molecular genetics; bacteriophage lysis mechanisms; bacterial toxins