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Research in the Department of Biology spans the entire breadth of biology: from ecology and evolution to molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. Our research is supported by a wide array of funding sources, including NIH, NSF and the Welch Foundation.

Many departmental faculty members actively participate in campus-wide interdepartmental graduate and research programs, including Genetics, Neuroscience, Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences, and the newly formed faculty of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology.

Research interests include topics of:

Faculty potentially accepting graduate students in 2019 are indicated by §
Applicants are encouraged to contact faculty directly to discuss prospects for rotations

§ Gil Rosenthal

Kathryn Ryan

Matt Sachs

Manfred Schartl

Tim Scott

Deborah Siegele

§ James Leif Smith

§ Michael Smotherman

§ Joseph Sorg

Terry Thomas

Wes Thompson

§ Wayne Versaw

§ Mary Wicksten

Ry Young

Mark Zoran