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Akintayo Akinleye

Lab Instructor Lower Division InstructionBiology
Photo of Michael (Ben) Alexander

Michael (Ben) Alexander

Lab Instructor Biology
140 BSBW 862-3409
Photo of Rodolfo Aramayo

Rodolfo Aramayo

Associate Professor Biology
Office: 412A BSBW Lab: 415 BSBW Office: 862-4354 Lab: 862-4376 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Karl Aufderheide

Karl Aufderheide

Associate Professor Emeritus Biology
Office: 101A BSBW Lab: 101 BSBW 845-7775 Faculty Webpage


Photo of Deb Bell-Pedersen

Deb Bell-Pedersen

Professor & Associate Department Head for Operations Biology
Office: 210A BSBW Lab: 208-210 BSBW Office: 847-9237 Lab: 847-9239 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Michael Benedik

Michael Benedik

Professor & Vice Provost Biology
136 BSBW 845-5776 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Phil Beremand

Phil Beremand

Lab Instructor Biology
137 BSBW 845-2791
Photo of Joseph Bernardo

Joseph Bernardo

Research Associate Professor Biology
Office: 307A Butler Lab: 307 Butler Office: 862-3403 Lab: 862-6420 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Heath Blackmon

Heath Blackmon

Assistant Professor Biology
Office: 309A BSBW Lab: 309 BSBW Office: 979-862-4880 Lab Website Faculty Website


Photo of Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell

Professor (Joint appointment) Oceanography
Office: 911D O&M Lab: 908 O&M Office: 845-5706 Lab: 845-7664 Fax: 845-6331 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Ginger Carney

Ginger Carney

Professor Biology
Office: 307C BSBW Lab: 305 BSBW Office: 845-6587 Lab: 845-6626 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of William Cohn

William Cohn

Instructional Assistant Professor Biology
119A BSBW 458-4119
Photo of Charles Criscione

Charles Criscione

Associate Professor Biology
Office: 207A Butler Lab: 207 Butler Office: 845-0917 Lab: 845-0925 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage


Photo of Kira Delmore

Kira Delmore

Assistant Professor Biology
Office: BSBW 307C Lab: BSBW 305 Office: 979-845-6587 Lab: 979-845-6626 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Richard Dixon

Richard Dixon

Visiting Professor HIAS FellowBiology
202C BSBE 862-7336 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Jennifer Dulin

Jennifer Dulin

Assistant Professor Biology
Office: 3141 ILSB Lab: 3132 ILSB 979-845-4589 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage


Photo of David Earnest

David Earnest

Professor (Joint appointment) College of Medicine
Office: 238A Reynolds Lab: 237 Reynolds Office: 862-3109 Lab: 436-0328 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Sharon Epps

Sharon Epps

Lab Instructor Biology
140 BSBW 862-3409
Photo of James Erickson

James Erickson

Associate Professor Biology
Office: 348C BSBW Lab: 348 BSBW Office: 862-2204 Lab: 845-6747 Faculty Webpage


Photo of Rene Garcia

Rene Garcia

Professor & Graduate Advisor Biology
Office: 353 BSBW Lab: 347 BSBW Office: 845-2989 Lab: 458-0896 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Richard Gomer

Richard Gomer

Professor Biology
Office: 2121B ILSB Lab: 2121 ILSB Office: 458-5745 Lab: 458-5750 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Ira Greenbaum

Ira Greenbaum

Professor & Director of Lower Division Instruction Biology
845-7791 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Lawrence Griffing

Lawrence Griffing

Associate Professor Biology
Office: 104 BSBW Lab: 105 BSBW Office: 845-6493 Lab: 845-1625 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage


Photo of Paul Hardin

Paul Hardin

Distinguished Professor Biology
Office: 308A BSBW Lab: 308 BSBW Office: 458-4478 845-0382 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
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Angela Hawkins

Lecturer Biology


Photo of Adam Jones

Adam Jones

Professor Biology
Office: 118C BSBE Lab: 116 BSBE Office: 845-7774 Lab: 845-4342 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Jae Hoon Jung

Jae Hoon Jung

Research Assistant Professor McMahan LabBiology
3128 ILSB 458-5564


Photo of Michael Kemp

Michael Kemp

Professor & Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives Biology
100 BSBW 862-8367
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Muhibah Kila

Lab Instructor Lower Division InstructionBiology


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Brigitte Le Boeuf

Lecturer Biology
319 Heldenfels 845-9508
Photo of Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee

Lecturer Biology
315C Heldenfels 458-3399
Photo of Steve Lockless

Steve Lockless

Associate Professor Biology
Office: 3141B ILSB Lab: 3132 ILSB Office: 845-9824 Lab: 458-5565 Faculty Webpage Lab Website
Photo of Jacob Lyons

Jacob Lyons

Lab Instructor Biology
140 BSBW 862-3409


Photo of Duncan MacKenzie

Duncan MacKenzie

Associate Professor & Director of Biology Honors Biology
Office: 306E BSBE Lab: 107 BSBE Office: 845-7701 Lab: 845-7753 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Mike Manson

Mike Manson

Professor Biology
Office: 301A BSBE Lab: 303 BSBE Office: 845-5158 Lab: 845-1249 Faculty Website
Photo of Tom McKnight

Tom McKnight

Professor & Department Head Biology
Office: 100D Butler Office: 202C BSBE Office: 845-3896 Lab: 845-6749 Faculty Webpage
Photo of U.J. McMahan

U.J. McMahan

Professor Biology
Office: 3126A ILSB Lab: 3128 ILSB Office: 845-2301 Lab: 458-5564 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Jerome Menet

Jerome Menet

Assistant Professor Biology
Office: BSBW 354 Lab: BSBW 301 Office: 458-5696 Lab: 458-8599 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Christine Merlin

Christine Merlin

Assistant Professor Biology
Office: 118C BSBE Lab: 102 BSBE Office: 862-2457 Lab: 845-3655 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Rita Moyes

Rita Moyes

Instructional Associate Professor & Lab Coordinator for Microbiology Biology
301B BSBE 862-7485 Faculty Webpage


Photo of Beiyan Nan

Beiyan Nan

Assistant Professor Biology
Office: 306C BSBE Lab: 307 BSBE Office: 845-3487 Lab: 458-1377 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Jerry Norton

Jerry Norton

Lab Instructor Biology


Photo of C.O. Patterson

C.O. Patterson

Professor Emeritus Biology
Office: 103A BSBW Lab: 103 BSBW Office: 845-2187 Lab: 845-8470 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Alan Pepper

Alan Pepper

Associate Professor Biology
Office: 214B BSBE Lab: 214 BSBE Office: 845-2518 Lab: 845-2683 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Darrell Pilling

Darrell Pilling

Research Assistant Professor Gomer LabBiology
2116 ILSB 458-5746


Photo of Hongmin Qin

Hongmin Qin

Associate Professor Biology
Office: 228A BSBW Lab: 201 BSBW Office: 458-0512 Lab: 862-4580 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage


Photo of Asha Rao

Asha Rao

Senior Lecturer Biology
320A Heldenfels 845-7766
Photo of Bruce Riley

Bruce Riley

Professor Biology
Office: 118A BSBE Lab: 104 BSBE Office: 845-6494 Lab: 845-4302 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Peter Rizzo

Peter Rizzo

Emeritus Associate Professor Biology
Faculty Webpage
Photo of Sherdina Romney

Sherdina Romney

Lab Instructor Biology
136 BSBW
Photo of Gil Rosenthal

Gil Rosenthal

Professor Biology
Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Kathryn Ryan

Kathryn Ryan

Instructional Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Research Coordinator Biology
Office: 226A BSBW Lab: 226 BSBW Office: 862-1616 Lab: 458-1422 Faculty webpage


Photo of Matthew Sachs

Matthew Sachs

Professor Biology
Office: 213B BSBW Lab: 215 BSBW Office: 845-5930 Lab: 845-5905 Faculty Webpage
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Tapasree Sarkar

Research Assistant Professor Biology
314E BSBE 458-2201
Photo of Manfred Schartl

Manfred Schartl

Visiting Professor and TIAS Fellow Biology
Office: 306A Butler Lab: 306 Butler Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Timothy Scott

Timothy Scott

Professor (Joint) & Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Studies Biology
514I Blocker 845-4016 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Deborah Siegele

Deborah Siegele

Associate Professor Biology
Office: 233A BSBW Lab: 233 BSBW Office: 862-4022 Lab: 862-4159 Faculty Webpage
Photo of James Smith

James Smith

Associate Professor Biology
Office: 314D BSBE Lab: 318/320 BSBW Office: 845-2417 Lab: 845-2446 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Michael Smotherman

Michael Smotherman

Professor Biology
Office: 110 BSBW Lab: 107 BSBW Office: 845-6504 Lab: 845-3454 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Joseph Sorg

Joseph Sorg

Associate Professor Biology
Office: 314C BSBE Lab: 316 BSBE Office: 845-6299 Lab: 845-6233 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Joseph Szule

Joseph Szule

Research Assistant Professor McMahan LabBiology
3128 ILSB 458-5564


Photo of Andrew Tag

Andrew Tag

Senior Lecturer Biology
320D Heldenfels 845-1994
Photo of Lathrop (Lathi) Taylor

Lathrop (Lathi) Taylor

Instructional Assistant Professor Biology
119C BSBW 862-1674
Photo of Terry Thomas

Terry Thomas

Professor Biology
Office: 202B BSBE Lab: 201 BSBE Office: 845-0184 Lab: 845-0663 Faculty Website
Photo of Wesley Thompson

Wesley Thompson

Professor Biology
Office: 3214A ILSB Lab: 3214 ILSB Office: 847-5689 Lab: 847-4100 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage


Photo of Wayne Versaw

Wayne Versaw

Professor & Associate Department Head for Academic Affairs Biology
Office: 202A BSBE Lab: 204 BSBE Office: 847-8587 Lab: 845-7709 Faculty Webpage


Photo of Mary Wicksten

Mary Wicksten

Professor Biology
Office: 304A Butler Lab: 304 Butler Office: 845-3388 Lab: 845-3422 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage
Photo of Hugh Wilson

Hugh Wilson

Professor Emeritus Biology
005A Butler 845-3354 Faculty Webpage
Photo of Leslie Winemiller

Leslie Winemiller

Instructional Assistant Professor Biology
320B Heldenfels 862-7484
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Leon Wooten

Lab Instructor Anatomy/PhysiologyBiology
Photo of Rachael Wright

Rachael Wright

Lab Instructor Biology
322 BSBW


Photo of Ryland Young

Ryland Young

Distinguished Professor (Joint appointment) Biology
Office: 311A Biochemistry Lab: 311, 312, 315 Biochemistry Office: 845-2087 Lab: 845-2853 Fax: 862-4718 Faculty Webpage Lab Webpage


Photo of Mark Zoran

Mark Zoran

Professor & Acting Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies Biology
Office: 231A BSBW Lab: 231 BSBW Office: 845-8099 Lab: 862-2819 Faculty Webpage