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Full Directory

TAMU Biology LogoAkintayo Akinleye

Lab Instructor

Email: aakinleye@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoBen Alexander

Lab Instructor
Office: 140 BSBE | Phone: 862-3409
Email: balexander@bio.tamu.edu

Andrew Anderson

Graduate Student, Jones Lab
Office: 116 BSBE | Phone: 845-4342
Email: aanderson@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoPrakuthi Amar Kumar

Graduate Student

Email: pamarkumar@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Rodolpho AramayoRodolfo Aramayo

Associate Professor
Office:412A BSBW | Phone: 845-4342 | Lab: 4154 BSBW  | Phone: 862-4376
Email: aramayo@tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Karl AufderheideKarl Aufderheide

Associate Professor Emeritus
Office: 101A BSBW | Phone: 845-7775 | Lab: 101A
Email: kauf@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Will BaileyWill Bailey

Assistant Department Head, Business Services
Office: 100E Butler | Phone: 845-2635
Email: wbailey@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoGregory Bain

Research Assistant, Dulin Lab

Email: gbain@bio.tamu.edu

Marko Baloh

Graduate Student, Sorg Lab
Email: mbaloh@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Lacy BasileLacy Basile

Technical Laboratory Coordinator
Office: 323 BSBE | Phone: 862-3916
Email: lbasile@bio.tamu.edu

Sarah Beagle

Graduate Student, Lockless Lab
Office: 3132 ILSB | Phone: 458-5565
Email: sbeagle@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Deb Bell PedersenDeb Bell-Pedersen
Profile | Lab Webpage

Professor & Associate Department Head for Operations
Office: 210A BSBW | Phone: 847-9237 | Lab: 208-210 BSBW | Phone: 847-9239
Email: dpedersen@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Mike BenedictMichael Benedik

Regents Professor & Vice Provost
Chief International Officer
Email: benedik@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoChloe Bennett

Graduate Student, Carney Lab
Office: 305 BSBW | Phone: 845-6626
Email: cbennett@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoPhil Beremand

Lab Instructor
Office: 137 BSBW Phone: 845-2791
Email: beremand@bio.tamu.edu

Joseph Bernardo 

Research Associate Professor
Office: 307A Butler | Phone: 862-3403 | Lab: 307 Butler | Phone: 862-6420
Email: jbernardo@tamu.edu

Joshua Beytebiere

Graduate Student, Menet Lab

Email: jbeytebiere@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoDisha Bhattacharjee

Graduate Student, Sorg Lab
Office: 316 BSBE | Phone: 845-6233
Email: dbhattacharjee@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Heath BlackmonHeath Blackmon
Profile | Lab Webpage

Assistant Professor
Office: 309A BSBW | Phone: 862-4880 | Lab: 309 BSBW
Email: hblackmon@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoAmy Boedeker

Research Assistant | Plant Care
Office: 400D BSBE | Phone: 845-6131
Email: aboedeker@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of John BookJohn Book

Microcomputer/LAN Administrator, Biology IT Services
Office: 425A BSBW | Phone: 845-7751
Email: jbook@bio.tamu.edu

Stephen Bovio

Graduate Student, Rosenthal Lab (EEB)
Office: 202 Butler
Email: rbovio@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoJennifer Bradford

Program Coordinator Graduate Advising
Office: 102 Butler | Phone: 845-7755
Email: jbradford@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoMatthew Breuer

Graduate Student

Email: mbreuer@bio.tamu.edu

Alyson Brokaw

Graduate Student, Smotherman Lab
Office: 107 BSBW | Phone: 845-3454
Email: abrokaw@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoErin Buchholtz

Graduate Student

Email: ebuchholtz@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoAurelio Cadena

Technician I, LDI
Office: 317A HELD | Phone: 845-4679
Email: acadena@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Lisa CampbellLisa Campbell

Professor (Joint OCNG)
Office: 116 BSBE | Phone: 845-5706
Email: lcampbell@ocean.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoWilliam Carmean

Technician I, Media Prep

Email: wcarmean@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoCourtney Caster

Research Assistant, Hardin Lab
Office: 308 BSBW | Phone: 845-0382
Email: ccaster@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Elizabeth CastilloElizabeth Castillo

Business Coordinator, Business Services
Office: 100F Butler | Phone: 845-7704
Email: ecastillo@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoKathrina Castillo

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Bell-Pedersen Lab
Office: 210 BSBW | Phone: 847-9239
Email: kcastillo@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoGe Chen

Graduate Student, Nan Lab

Email: gchen@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoWensheng Chen

PostDoctoral Research Associate, Gomer Lab

Email: wchen@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoAlicia Cochran

Research Assistant, Sorg Lab
Office: 316 BSBE | Phone: 845-2446
Email: acochran@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoWilliam Cohn

Instructional Assistant Professor
Office: 119A BSBW | Phone: 458-4119
Email: bcohn@bio.tamu.edu

Kristin Consalvo

Graduate Student, Gomer Lab

Email: kconsalvo@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Clint CramptonClint Crampton

Senior Academic Advisor
Office: 107D Butler | Phone: 845-3116
Email: ccrampton@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Charles CriscioneCharles Criscione
Profile | Lab Webpage

Associate  Professor
Office: 207A Butler | Phone: 845-0917 | Lab: 207 Butler | Phone: 845-0925
Email: ccriscione@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoGayla Cronauer

Business Coordinator I, Business Services
Office: 100G Butler | Phone: 845-4264
Email: gcronauer@bio.tamu.edu

Ananya Dasgupta

Graduate Student, Sachs Lab
Office: 215 BSBW | Phone: 845-5905
Email: adasgupta@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of McKensie DaughertyMcKensie Daugherty

Office: 100I Butler | Phone: 845-7752
Email: mdaugherty@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoKasuni Daundasekara

Graduate Student

Email: kdaundasekara@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoDaniel J De Jesus

Graduate Student

Email: ddejesus@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Kira DelmoreKira Delmore
Profile | Lab Webpage

Assistant Professor
Office: 307C BSBW | Phone: 845-6587 | Lab: 305 BSBW | Phone: 845-6626
Email: kdelmore@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoValerie Dietz

Graduate Student, Dulin Lab

Email: vdietz@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Richard DixonRichard A. Dixon, FRS

Visiting Professor | HIAS Fellow
Office: 202C BSBE | Phone: 862-7336
Email: rdixon@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoJennifer Dong

Research Assistant, Riley Lab
Office: 104 BSBE | Phone: 845-4302
Email: jdong@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Jen DulinJennifer Dulin
Profile | Lab Webpage

Assistant Professor
Office: 3141 ILSB | Phone: 845-4589
Email: jdulin@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoBarb Earnest

Research Associate
Office: 014 BSBW | Phone: 845-0304
Email: bearnest@bio.tamu.edu

David Earnest

Professor (Joint Appointment) | Neurosience & Experimental Therapeutics
Office: 2004 MREB | Phone: 862-3109
Email: dearnest@tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Sharon EppsSharon Epps

Lab Instructor
Office: 140 BSBW | Phone: 862-3409
Email: sepps@bio.tamu.edu

James Erickson

Associate Professor
Office: 348C BSBW | Phone: 862-2204 | Lab: 348 BSBW | Phone: 845-6747
Email: jerickson@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Christine FarrisChristine Farris

Academic Advisor
Office: 107 Butler | Phone: 845-3116
Email: cfarris@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoJohnny Fazzino

Research Assistant, Bell-Pedersen Lab
Office: 210 BSBW | Phone: 847-9239
Email: jfazzino@bio.tamu.edu

Christine Figgener

Graduate Student, Plotkin Lab
Office: 307 Butler | Phone: 862-6420
Email: cfiggener@bio.tamu.edu

Adam Foxfire

Graduate Student, Smith Lab
Office: 318 BSBE | Phone: 845-2446
Email: afoxfire@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoGuo Fu

Postdoctoral Researcher, Nan Lab

Email: gfu@bio.tamu.edu

Mateo Garcia

Graduate Student, Schartl Lab
Office: 204 Butler
Email: mgarcia@bio.tamu.edu

Rene Garcia
Profile | Lab Webpage

Professor & Graduate Advisor
Office: 353 BSBW | Phone: 845-2989 | Lab: 347 BSBW | Phone: 458-0896
Email: rgarcia@bio.tamu.edu

Elyssa Garza

Graduate Student, Pepper Lab (Genetics)
Office: 214 BSBE | Phone: 845-2683
Email: egarza@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Richard GomerRichard Gomer
Profile | Lab Webpage

Office: 2121B ILSB | Phone: 458-5745 | Lab: 2121 ILSB | Phone: 458-5750
Email: rgomer@bio.tamu.edu

Jimmy Goncalves

Graduate Student, Garcia Lab
Office: 347 BSBW | Phone: 458-0896
Email: jgoncalves@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Ira GreenbaumIra Greenbaum

Phone: 845-7791
Email: ira@bio.tamu.edu

Ben Greenwell

Graduate Student, Menet Lab (Genetics)
Office: 3132A ILSB | Phone: 458-8599
Email: bgreenwell@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Larry GriffingLawrence Griffing

Associate Professor
Office: 104 BSBW | Phone: 845-6493 | Lab: 105 BSBW | Phone: 845-1625
Email: griffing@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoMaria Guevara

Lab Attendant IV
Office: 116 BSBE | Phone: 845-4342
Email: mguevara@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoJinbai Guo

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Riley Lab
Office: 104 BSBE | Phone: 845-4302
Email: jguo@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoSeth Haddix

Graduate Student, Thompson Lab (Neuroscience)
Office: 3214 ILSB | Phone: 847-4100
Email: seth.haddix@tamu.edu

Zachary Hancock

Graduate Student, Wicksten Lab
Office: 304 Butler
Email: zhancock@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Paul HardinPaul Hardin
Profile | Lab Webpage

Distinguished Professor
Office: 308A BSBW | Phone: 458-4478 | Lab: 308 BSBW | Phone: 845-0382
Email: phardin@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Tara HardinTara Hardin

Academic Advisor I
Office: 107B Butler | Phone: 845-3116
Email: thardin@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoRobert Hastings

Graduate Student, Thompson Lab (Neuroscience)
Office: 3214 ILSB | Phone: 847-4100
Email: rhastings@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Angela HawkinsAngela Hawkins

Office: 320C HELD | Phone: 845-2683
Email: ahawkins@bio.tamu.edu

Maureen Hayden

Graduate Student, Wicksten Lab

Email: mhayden@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoSilvio Herrera

Postdoctoral Researcher, Smotherman Lab

Email: sherrera@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoToan Hoang

Graduate Student

Email: thoang@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoKatrina Hofstetter

Graduate Student, Riley Lab
Office: 104 BSBE | Phone: 845-4302
Email: khofstetter@bio.tamu.edu

Nicholas Holloway

Graduate Student, MacKenzie Lab

Email: nholloway@bio.tamu.edu

Mary Ashley Hudson

Graduate Student, Lockless Lab

Email: mhudson@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoJenna Hulke

Graduate Student

Email: jhulke@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoSamantha Iiams

Graduate Student, Merlin Lab
Office: 102 BSBE | Phone: 845-3655
Email: siiams@bio.tamu.edu

Mary Janecka

Graduate Student, Criscione Lab
Office: 207 Butler | Phone: 845-0925
Email: mjanecka@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoLieu Jean

Senior Administrative Coordinator I
Office: 100C Butler | Phone: 862-4093
Email: ljean@bio.tamu.edu

Wangming Ji

Graduate Student, McKnight Lab
Office: 206 BSBE | Phone: 845-6749
Email: wji@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoLeonor Jimenez

Lab Attendant II
Office: 408 BSBW | Phone: 847-8671
Email: ljimenez@bio.tamu.edu

Gaston Jofre-Rodriguez

Graduate Student, Rosenthal Lab
Office: 204 Butler
Email: gjofre@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoVictor Johnson

Research Specialist, Instrument Shop
Office: 427 BSBW | Phone: 845-9285
Email: vej@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Grace JonesGrace Jones

Academic Advisor I
Office: 107 Butler | Phone: 845-3116
Email: gjones@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoRichard Jones

Technical Laboratory Coordinator
Office: 135 BSBW
Email: rajones@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Jae Hoon JungJae Hoon Jung

Research Assistant Professor, McMahan Lab
Office: 3128 ILSB | Phone: 458-5564
Email: jjung@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoJennifer Jung

Graduate Student, Bell-Pedersen Lab (Genetics)
Office: 210 BSBW | Phone: 847-9239
Email: jajung@bio.tamu.edu

Young-Ho Jung

Graduate Student, Erickson Lab
Office: 348 BSBW | Phone: 845-2446
Email: yjung@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoHannah Justen

Graduate Student, Delmore Lab

Email: hjusten@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoTejas Karhadkar

Graduate Student, Gomer Lab (Genetics)

Email: tkarhadkar@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoShanta Karki

Graduate Student, Bell-Pedersen Lab
Office: 210 BSBW | Phone: 847-9239
Email: skarki@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Michael KempMichael Kemp

Professor & Senior Advisor, College of Science
Office: 100 BSBW | Phone: 862-8367
Email: mkemp@bio.tamu.edu

Jibran Khan

Graduate Student, Lockless Lab
Office: 3132 ILSB | Phone: 458-5565
Email: jkhan@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoSimon Kiacz

Graduate Student

Email: skiacz@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoMuhibah Kila

Lab Instructor

Email: mkila@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoSara Kirolos

Graduate Student

Email: skirolos@bio.tamu.edu

Krishna Kumar

Graduate Student, Griffing Lab (MEPS)
Office: 105 BSBW | Phone: 845-1625
Email: krkumar@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoEvangel Kummari

Postdoctoral Researcher, Smith Lab
Office: 332 BSBE | Phone: 845-2446
Email: ekummari@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoJames Kutlowski

Graduate Student, Riley Lab

Email: jkutlowski@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoTeresa Lamb

Assistant Research Scientist, Bell-Pedersen Lab
Office: 210 BSBW | Phone: 845-9239
Email: tlamb@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Brigitte LeboeufBrigitte Le Boeuf

Office: 319 HELD | Phone: 845-9508
Email: bleboeuf@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Chris LeeChris Lee

Lecturer & Teaching Coordinator, Lower Division Instruction
Office: 315C HELD | Phone: 458-3399
Email: clee@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoYoung (Matt) Lee

Assistant Research Scientist, Thompson Lab
Office: 3214 ILSB | Phone: 847-4100
Email: ylee@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoEmma Lehmberg

Graduate Student

Email: elehmberg@bio.tamu.edu

Steve Lockless
Profile | Lab Webpage

Associate Professor
Office: 3141B ILSB | Phone: 845-9824 | Lab: 3132 ILSB | Phone: 458-5565
Email: lockless@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Christy LongcrierChristy Longcrier

Technician II

Email: clongcrier@bio.tamu.edu

Aldrin Lugena

Graduate Student, Merlin Lab
Office: 102 BSBE
Email: alugena@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoAnita Luna

Business Coordinator I, Business Services
Office: 100H Butler | Phone: 845-7706
Email: aluna@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Kim LoeschKimberly Loesch

Laboratory Attendant II, Dulin Lab

Email: kloesch@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoJacob Lyons

Lab Instructor
Office: 140 BSBW | Phone: 862-3409
Email: jlyons@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Duncan MacKenzieDuncan MacKenzie

Associate Professor & Director of Biology Honors
Office: 306E BSBE | Phone: 845-7701 | Lab: 107 BSBE | Phone: 845-7753
Email: duncan@bio.tamu.edu

Sabyasachi Mandal

Graduate Student, McKnight Lab
Office: 206 BSBE | Phone: 845-6749
Email: smandal@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Mike MansonMike Manson

Professor Emeritus
Office: 301A BSBE | Phone: 845-5158 | Lab: 303 BSBE | Phone: 845-1249
Email: mike@bio.tamu.edu

Andrea Martinez Aguirre

Graduate Student, Sorg Lab

Email: amartinez@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoRyan Massopust

Graduate Student, Thompson Lab
Office: 3214 ILSB | Phone: 847-4100
Email: rmassopust@tamu.edu

Kathleen McAllister

Graduate Student, Sorg Lab
Office: 316 BSBE | Phone: 845-6233
Email: kmcallister@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Dylan McCreedyDylan McCreedy
Profile | Lab Website

Assistant Professor
Office: 3126B
Email: dmccreedy@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Tom McKnightTom McKnight

Professor & Department Head
Office: 100D Butler  | Phone: 845-3896 | Lab Office: 202C BSBE | Lab Phone: 845-6749
Email: mcknight@bio.tamu.edu

Uel Jackson McMahan

Office: 3126A ILSB | Phone: 845-2301 | Office: 3128 ILSB | Phone: 458-5564
Email: grantser@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Jerome MenetJerome Menet
Profile | Lab Webpage

Assistant Professor
Office: 354 BSBW | Phone: 458-5696 | Lab: 301 BSBW | Phone: 458-8599
Email: menet@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Christine MerlinChristine Merlin
Profile | Lab Webpage

Assistant Professor
Office: 118C BSBE | Phone: 862-2457 | Lab: 102 BSBE | Phone: 845-3655
Email: cmerlin@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Rita MoyesRita Moyes

Instructional Associate Professor
Office: 301B BSBE | Phone: 862-7485
Email: moyes@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoElaina Murray

Technician II
Office: 318 HELD | Phone: 845-4679
Email: emurray@bio.tamu.edu

Brianna Myre

Graduate Student, MacKenzie Lab
Office: 107 BSBE | Phone: 845-7753
Email: bmyre@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Beiyan NanBeiyan Nan
Profile | Lab Webpage

Assistant Professor
Office: 306C BSBE | Phone: 845-3487 | Lab: 307 BSBE | Phone: 458-1377
Email: bnan@bio.tamu.edu

Hailee Nerber

Graduate Student, Sorg Lab

Email: hnerber@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoErin Nguyen

Graduate Student

Email: enguyen@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Vanessa NordellVanessa Nordell

Academic Advisor IV
Office: 107 Butler | Phone: 845-3116
Email: vnordell@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoJerry Norton

Lab Instructor

Email: jnorton@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoAndrew Colin Osborne

Graduate Student, Menet Lab

Email: cosborne@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoC.O. Patterson

Professor Emeritus
Office: 103A BSBW | Phone: 845-2187 | Lab: 103 BSBW | Phone: 845-8470
Email: cop@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Alan PepperAlan Pepper

Associate Professor
Office: 214B BSBE | Phone: 845-2518 | Lab: 214 BSBE | Phone: 845-2683
Email: apepper@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoRicardo Perez

Graduate Student, Aramayo Lab
Office: 415 BSBW | Phone: 862-4376
Email: rperez@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Darrell PillingDarrell Pilling

Research Assistant Professor, Gomer Lab
Office: 2121 ILSB | Phone: 458-5746
Email: dpilling@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoDaniel Powell

Graduate Student, Rosenthal Lab
Office: 204 Butler
Email: dpowell@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Shiri ProcacciaShiri Procaccia

Assistant Research Scientist, Gomer Lab

Email: sprocaccia@bio.tamu.edu

Hongmin Qin
Profile | Lab Webpage

Associate Professor
Office: 228A BSBW | Phone: 458-0512 | Lab: 201 BSBW | Phone: 862-4580
Email: hqin@bio.tamu.edu

Aditi Raju

Graduate Student, Versaw Lab

Email: araju@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoTylesha Ramirez

Administrative Associate I
Office: 315 HELD | Phone: 845-4651
Email: tramirez@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Asha RaoAsha Rao

Senior Lecturer
Office: 320 HELD | Phone: 845-7766
Email: arao@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoDavid Reed

Senior Microcomputer/LAN Administrator, Biology IT Services
Office: 425 BSBW | Phone: 845-7751
Email: dreed@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoMonique Reed

Technical Lab Coordinator
Office: 315B HELD | Phone: 845-8650
Email: mreed@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Susan ReedSusan Reed

Storekeeper II, Stockroom
Office: 101 BSBE | Phone: 845-0437
Email: sreed@bio.tamu.edu

Kyoungsun Rha

Graduate Student, Harlow Lab
Office: 3128 ILSB | Phone: 458-5563
Email: krha@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Ramesh RijalRamesh Rijal

Postdoctoral Researcher, Gomer Lab

Email: rrijal@bio.tamu.edu

Bruce Riley
Profile | Lab Webpage

Office: 118A BSBE | Phone: 845-6494 | Lab: 104 BSBE | Phone: 845-4302
Email: briley@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoJulio Rincones-Gamboa

Graduate Student

Email: jgamboa@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoPeter Rizzo

Associate Professor Emeritus

Email: rizzo@bio.tamu.edu

Whitney Roberson

Graduate Student, Riley Lab

Email: wroberson@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoSherdina Romney

Lab Instructor
Office: 136 BSBW
Email: sromney@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Gil RosenthalGil Rosenthal


Email: grosenthal@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoSarah Ruckman

Graduate Student

Email: sruckman@bio.tamu.edu

Kathryn Ryan

Instructional Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Research Coordinator
Office: 226A BSBW | Phone: 862-1616 | Lab: 226 BSBW | Phone: 458-1422
Email: kryan@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Matthew SachsMatthew Sachs

Office: 213B BSBW | Phone: 845-5930 | Lab: 215 BSBW | Phone: 845-5905
Email: msachs@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoAishwarya Sahasrabudhe

Graduate Student

Email: asahasrabudhe@bio.tamu.edu

Abira Sahu

Graduate Student, Versaw Lab
Office: 205 BSBE | Phone: 845-7709
Email: asahu@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoAndrew Sakla

Graduate Student, Criscione Lab
Office: 207 butler | Phone: 845-0925
Email: asakla@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Tapasree SarkarTapasree Roy Sarkar

Research Assistant Professor
Office: 116 BSBE | Phone: 845-4342
Email: tsarkar@bio.tamu.edu

Manfred Schartl
Profile | Lab Webpage

Visiting Professor & HIAS Fellow
Office: 306A Butler | Lab: 306 Butler
Email: phch1@biozentrum.uniwuerzburg.de

Timothy Scott

Professor (Joint) & Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs

Email: t-scott@tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoLunda Shen

Graduate Student, Sachs Lab
Office: 215 BSBW | Phone: 845-5905
Email: lshen@bio.tamu.edu

Debby Siegele

Associate Professor
Office: 233A BSBW | Phone: 862-4022 | Lab: 233 BSBW | Phone: 862-4159
Email: siegele@bio.tamu.edu

Ian Smith

Graduate Student, Thompson Lab (Neuroscience)
Office: 2314 ILSB | Phone: 847-4100
Email: ismith@bio.tamu.edu

James Smith
Profile | Lab Webpage

Associate Professor
Office: 314D BSBE | Phone: 845-2417 | Lab: 318/320 BSBW | Phone: 845-2446
Email: jsmith@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoMorgan Smith

Graduate Student

Email: msmith@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Mike SmothermanMichael Smotherman

Office: 110 BSBW | Phone: 845-6504 | Lab: 107 BSBW | Phone: 845-3454
Email: msmotherman@bio.tamu.edu

Joseph Sorg
Profile | Lab Webpage

Associate Professor
Office: 314C BSBE | Phone: 845-6299 | Lab: 316 BSBE | Phone: 845-6233
Email: jsorg@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoStacy Stoops

BioAquatics Supervisor
Office: 120 BSBE | Phone: 845-7781
Email: sstoops@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Cami SturdivantCamilla Sturdivant

Associate Director
Office: 315D HELD | Phone: 845-4605
Email: csturdivant@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoYi Sun

Graduate Student, Erickson Lab
Office: 348 BSBW | Phone: 458-6747
Email: ysun@bio.tamu.edu

Terrence Sylvester

Graduate Student, Blackmon Lab

Email: tsylvester@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Andy TagAndrew Tag

Senior Lecturer & Director of Lower Division Instruction
Office: 320D HELD | Phone: 845-1994
Email: atag@bio.tamu.edu

Amy Tan

Graduate Student, Riley Lab

Email: atan@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoYu Tang

Graduate Student, Gomer Lab
Office: 2121 ILSB | Phone: 458-5750
Email: ytang@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoLathrop (Lathi) Taylor

Instructional Assistant Professor
Office: 320D HELD119C BSBW | Phone: 862-1674
Email: ltaylor@bio.tamu.edu

Terry Thomas

Office: 202B BSBE | Phone: 845-0184 | Lab: 201 BSBE | Phone: 845-0663
Email: terry@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Wesley ThompsonWesley Thompson

Office: 3214A ILSB | Phone: 847-5689 | Lab: 3214 ILSB | Phone: 847-4100
Email: wthompson@bio.tamu.edu

Jie L. Tian

Graduate Student, Qin Lab
Office: 201 BSBW | Phone: 862-4580
Email: jtian@bio.tamu.edu

Denise Valero

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist II
Office: 102 BSBW Phone: 845-4725
Email: dvalero@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Wayne VersawWayne Versaw

Professor & Associate Department Head for Academic Affairs
Office: 202A BSBE | Phone: 847-8587 | Lab: 204 BSBE | Phone: 845-7709
Email: wversaw@bio.tamu.edu

Crystal Wager

Office Associate Undergraduate Advising
Office: 107 Butler | Phone: 845-3116
Email: cwager@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoBethany Walker

Technician I, Lower Division Instruction

Email: bwalker@bio.tamu.edu

Guijun Wan

Postdoctoral Researcher, Merlin Lab

Email: gwan@bio.tamu.edu

Yufeng Wan

Graduate Student, Garcia Lab
Office: 347 BSBW | Phone: 458-0896
Email: ywan@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoChenyu (Jenny) Wang

Graduate Student, Garcia Lab
Office: 201 BSBE | Phone: 845-0663
Email: cwang@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoUrania Wells

Administrative Assistant
Office: 315 HELD | Phone: 845-6225
Email: uwells@bio.tamu.edu

Michael Werry

Graduate Student, Sachs Lab
Office: 215 BSBW | Phone: 845-5905
Email: mwerry@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Mary WickstenMary Wicksten

Office: 304A Butler | Phone: 845-3388 | Lab: 304 Butler | Phone: 845-3422
Email: wicksten@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoAllison Wilkes St. Clair

Temporary Lecturer, Lab Instructor
Office: 136 BSBW
Email: awilkes@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoLeslie Winemiller

Instructional Assistant Professor
Office: 320B HELD | Phone: 862-7484
Email: lwinemiller@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoLeon Wooten

Lab Instructor

Email: lwooten@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoRachel Wright

Lab Instructor
Office: 322 BSBW
Email: rwright@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoCheng Wu

Postdoctoral Researcher, Sachs Lab

Email: cwu@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoRyland Young

Distinguished Professor (joint), Biochemistry & Biophysics
Office: 311A Bio/Bio | Phone: 845-2087
Email: ryland@tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoHuan Zhang

Postdoctoral Researcher, Nan Lab

Email: hzhang@bio.tamu.edu

TAMU Biology LogoYing Zhang

Postdoctoral Researcher, Merlin Lab
Office: 102 BSBE | Phone: 845-3665
Email: yzhang@bio.tamu.edu

Profile Photo of Mark ZoranMark Zoran

Professor & Executive Associate Dean, College of Science
Office: 231A BSBW | Phone: 845-8099 | Lab: 231 BSBW | Phone: 862-2819
Email: zoran@science.tamu.edu